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I am also in for Audio High in Mtv view if it is this or next week

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Originally Posted by gancanjam View Post

I am also in for Audio High in Mtv view if it is this or next week
Mountain High is a long trek for me. Shift me to the "I'll make it if I can" column. Will do if I can bust free for a couple hour drive each way plus a few hours at the meet.
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I would love to go. I can meet pretty much any day except on most fridays and the weekends. 


I would bring my Sennheiser HD 201 and IE 6 in ear headphones. I have a Presonus Firebox for my amp.

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I'd possibly be interested, naturally depends on date and time.


I'd bring a DT-990 300ohm and a Yulong U100!

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Sorry, folks. I had a busy week. Will give Audio High a call tomorrow morning.


Either that or I can just drive up there and drop by to ask them for some space in person.

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Okay... so I drove to Audio High and talked to them in person.


Bad news is... they probably can't host a meet next Saturday, or any Saturday for that matter since Saturday is around the time their traffic is at the highest. Most of their customers come in on Saturday after a whole week of work, so they wouldn't have enough room to accommodate 20-ish people.


Weekday evenings are more likely for them. But I know most of us (myself included) can't make it on a weekday evening.


But Audio High is really interested in a meet, and they'd like to bring some gears along for us to demo as well, so we may have a potential vendor demo at this meet.


Anyway, that's that. Is there any other possible space that we can crash at?

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Sunday, at Audio High?

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They're not open Sundays.
Originally Posted by shane55 View Post

Sunday, at Audio High?
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We have only following options then,


1) Friday evening at Audio High

2) If someone has a spacisous house or even a garage then we can meet there

3) If you are not in a house and in an apartment then many apartments have a party room which can be rented either for free or for say hundred bucks


Common place could be around Fremont/Milpitas which is closer to East bay,  SF and  South bay , else no issues any bay area place is fine as many wont mind driving 30 mins more to try out gears


If you want to do option 2 or 3 then  let us know, else we need to poll for Audio high if it is okay for folks to come in on  a Friday evening

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I'd vote for someone's house.


Or if we can rent a place that's sufficiently big, I can chime in for a portion of the rent. Ideally free would be best.


Reason being that I most likely can't make Friday evening.

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This Sunday 10/06/2013 is Burning Amp Festival in SF, and I will be demo'ing gear there, which requires me to do a bunch of preparation work in advance, so this whole weekend is no good for me.

Audio High sounds intriguing, it would be a really different kind of mini-meet than usual.
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I'll put in a plug for Burning Amp - I went last year. Much fun, kind of the CA Audio Show for Bay Area DIY-ers. Tai was there with a really cool pair of speakers, Nelson Pass spoke, I'm not sure who else spoke. Great farmers market out front of Fort Mason Center. I'll go if work and family let me!
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For those interested, I understand there will be a lecture/presentation on the Smyth Realiser at Burning Amp as well.


Depending on the date, I'd also be interested in attending an event at Audio High.

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Here is a copy/paste of an email from one of the Burning Amp organizers:

Yes it's coming up in 5 days

Sunday, October 6th at Ft Mason in San Francisco

Presentations by Nelson Pass and Scott Wurcer

Demonstrations by Jan Didden and Siegfried Linkwitz

See all the details at
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Hmm... Sunday... I may go.


If any of you guys are going, then you'll likely meet me there.


$30 entry fee is kinda a show stopper for some though, as I noticed.

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