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For Sale: AQVOX COAX-75 Digital Cable

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For Sale:
AQVOX COAX-75 Digital Cable

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi, I'm selling my 1.0-meter long AQXOX COAX-75 Digital Cable.

I've been using it for about 5 months, and is in good condition.

The reason I'm selling it is because I've recently changed my system so I no longer use an S/PDIF 75 ohm cable.


This cable is handmade in Germany and is undoubtedly the best 75 ohm digital cable I've used, easily better than Black Cat Silverstar and even better than Analysis Plus's flagship digital cable Digital Crystal ($290 / 1.0 meter) to my ears. I had thought digital cables make only subtle changes at best, but switching from Digital Crystal to AQVOX COAX-75 resulted in a more transparent, less veiled and more spacious sound.


This cable is a perfect 75 ohm design, since not only its wire but also its RCA connectors maintain a consistent 75 ohm throughout the entire length of the cable. The actual cable does not have the words COAX or 75 written on its black heat shrinks like the ones you can see in the picture design. But I 100% assure you it is a 75 ohm digital cable.


Price new is 165 euros (approximately $220). I'll sell it for $150.

Please PM me if interested.

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