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For Sale or Trade:
*PRICE DROP* Garage 1217 Project Sunrise II + Tubes, perfect for planars (Please read details) - Toronto, Canada

Will Ship To: North America

Also interested in mid-fi open headphones


I'm not sure if this is due to the design of the PS II, or some caps are faulty, but I do experience a lot of hiss on IEMs. Though I'm pretty sure it's' because of the design and noise from the tubes. I do not have other low impedance headphones to test this with. Warranty should still be good for 2 years and 7 months from Garage1217 (received mid-April 2013), I just haven't bothered with the shipping and customs since I've only used these with my T50Rps and there is no hiss.  I'm guessing the same will be true for other planars. They deliver 920 mW at 32 ohms.


Up for sale is the Project Sunrise II amp from Garage1217, built by Jeremy in April 2013. Soldering work is clean as seen in photos, the chassis is a little dusty (visible in photos with flash) but there are no scratches.

Included are 3 tubes, 2 12AU7TII from Psvane ($99 pair), and 1 6922EH from Electro Harmonix.

1 12AU7TII has been used for approximately 200-300 hours, the other is still BNIB.

The 6922 EH has been used for 15 hours at max. 

They sound great with the T50RPs, and reportedly (though I personally haven't tried it) also great with the HE-500s. They should be able to easily drive any planar under the HE-6, including the LCD 2 and 3.


The package has a value of $350. 

Looking for $200 or best offer + shipping and PP fees (unless gifted or EMT used), can also be picked up in Markham, Ontario.




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