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Originally Posted by CptanPanic View Post

Has anyone tried 3d printing IEM shells?  

I believe you can do that just like any other design but it will be tricky, you need to know sizes of internal driver etc. to fit it inside shell, also without 3d scan of your earcanal it might be hard to design proper shape of enclosure that will fit perfectly. 

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Any recommendations on the best 3D printer to get? I've been looking through different guides, like 3DForged.com's and 3DHubs' guide.


I'm leaning towards the QIDI TECH I, but any suggestions would be helpful!

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My first 3D printed headphone parts, if they're useful to anyone else please feel free to download the designs from Tinkercad or Thingiverse

These were done on an UP! Plus mini 3D printer.

The slider kit I could have done on an LPKF PCB mill or Gravograph laser cutter, it's only a 2D solution, but I didn't have any suitable stock material to hand, it was easier to just print it. 


Beyerdynamic DT48 Slider Kit




CMOY_BB Front Panel - made to fit the CMOY_BB circuit board into a 71x25x100mm project box.




Y cable splitter - work in progress, I've yet to print this myself












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