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We buy our music. If there is any other way of getting it for free, we wouldn't discuss or condone it here. 

There are plenty of artists who post their music online for free.

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The library suggestion is great. You can also get movies like that and who knows what else. Once your in a position financially to buy your music you can always check out thrift shops. The ones around me always have a big and varied selection which changes at least once a month. The most I have spent on a single cd is $3.00 and most of the time its in the range of $1.99 or 99 cents. I have gotten anything from classical and industrial to horror movie soundtracks. Am usually walking out the thrift shop with twelve cds for under twenty dollars.


Enjoy the free stuff and don't forget to spread the wealth when the money is there :)

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Alright, but do you think I would even be able to find music by like Madeon or Lemaitre at the store anyways?

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Its a hit and miss crapshoot at least with the thrift shops I go to. Its great for discovering new music randomly but if your looking for something specific its much more harder. I have found some pretty expensive classical music at these places on the cheap I have randomly stumbled across. You might want to ask the store person to keep an eye out for what your interested in since they seem to get these items in bulk at least twice a month.

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Thank you  for your suggestions, but I simply do not have the extra money to buy all of my music considering I am a high school student and don't have time for a job.  I am from Illinois.  And I also know that there are ways of getting good quality music for free but I just don't know how it's done. I figured since you are all so knowledgeable about the subject of music quality, you could shed some light on me in getting quality music for free. 


By the way, I am also a photographer so I thought that was a very interesting analogy rolleyes.gif


Check out if you have a thrift shop in your area (kind of like the ones that buy stuff on Storage Wars), maybe within your county, you can probably get older CDs for about $1 to $2 each. No need to buy everything you like new, listen to YouTube uploads of more recent albums, then decide which are worth spending $13 on (plus shipping if you're getting it from Amazon if you can borrow your parents' credit card/PayPal, or those prepaid Visa cards available in chain stores). That's also how I narrow down what I spend money on - nothing like buying an album only to realize it's not the sort I can listen to from start to finish.


That's a lot better than what I did when I was in High School, which is skip dessert with my lunch, and I only buy the P35.00 (at the time, about $0.85) bowl of fried rice topped with pork dumplings or the slider burgers for $0.15 each, and no juice or soda* while saving up for CDs and shoes. That last part is no joke - we had uniforms in Catholic school,** so annually parents would give us anywhere between $50 to $100 and we have to save up to get all three shoes we needed - black or dark brown leather for class (and make sure you don't spill anything on them in the chem lab), basketball/cross trainers for most phys ed classes, then there's the occasional football spikes.



*we had concessionaires, more like a food court, so the menu doesn't change by the day, diners' choices should...but I was eating like Scrooge

**heck all schools here have uniforms so everyone looks alike, but of course some kids still end up in gym class not wearing the popular Jordans (envy is much, much less of a problem than people think)

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What's wrong with say Spotify Free? Sure you get some ads, but I find the quality quite acceptable for non-critical listening.

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Spotify Premium FTW. For the cost of one CD per month virtually all the music you could wish for at 320kbps and available offline. Awesome.
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