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For Sale:
USB Cables clear out (Microtik Injector)

Will Ship To: EU/UK

My cable drawer is getting full so some of the unused stuff will have to go.


1. Forza Audio Works Twin USB cable




2. Microtik injector cable with PSU.


No longer have my Eximus Dp1 so this is up for sale - for DAC that draw power from the USB port, the seperate 5V line clean up the sound nicely (quite a bit better than the USB from PC). You can use any high quality PSU (Kingrex/Hynes/Teddy ..etc) with this little gadget. I've included a ac adapter which is still a good improvement from most PC's USB hub.


For more info look at this thread:



Asking for £20 for both the USB cable and the power adapter (230V only)


Shipping is included for UK, EU will be a few quids extra.

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