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Noontec zoro wireless?

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The noontrc zoro wireless is $90, that's right $90, are they worth it?
Keep in mind:
-I own m100's and love them
-I listen to bass heavy music
-I like wireless smily_headphones1.gif
-I do not have tons of money so if they are even slightly not worth it I will not buy them
-I would be buying a 2nd pair because I don't always like carrying around $300 headphones
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Anything would help.... Anything
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Originally Posted by domin8r20 View Post

Anything would help.... Anything

I have the Hammo, and they are very good. These headphones in wired mode will sound awesome for the price.


Bluetooth is only 3.0, so it will sound distorted sometimes no matter what. Wait for a decent apt-x Bluetooth 4.0 headset.


I have the Bluedio R+, which is apt-x 4.0, but the sound quality lacks a bit due to scooped mids.

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I have the Noontec Zoro HD. Good headphone for the money, but not the quality of the M-100. I can't imagine that Noontec's wireless headphone at would be any better than the HDs (probably more like the regular Noontec Zoros).
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so long story short, they are ok, but not as good zoro hd's

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