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I'm guessing that a_recording will find the SE846 incredibly overprice when compared to cheaper, universal dynamics! :) 

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What is the difference between BA and Microdriver?

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Originally Posted by HAN2929 View Post

What is the difference between BA and Microdriver?


Oops! I missed this. This is a very basic explanation so please correct me if I get any details wrong people!


A microdriver is a very small dynamic driver. That is, a small diagphram being pushed forward or backwards by a magnet assembly. The supposed advantage of a micro driver is that


a) You can bring the driver much closer to the ear and thus reduce possible resonances from the ear canal or earpiece body

b) You can improve transient response by having a very small driver, just like a BA

c) Very broad frequency range from a single driver compared to a BA


A BA driver is a small moving element that is suspended (or balanced) between two magnets. Since the moving element has even less mass than a micro driver supposedly it can move much faster. The disadvantage of BA drivers seem to be that they cannot move a great deal of air because of their small mass, and therefore are limited in the range of frequencies they cover. This is why it has become a common practice to put several different BA's in a single earphone to cover more frequencies.

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Any examples of a microdriver IEM?

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Oh man. Now its Audio Technica's turn to launch a quad:



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To put it on over the ear cable

 Series top model equipped with a newly developed BA driver a total of four low-pass × 2, mid-range for × 1, in the high range for × 1. I pursue the exact response by the quad-dedicated network design. Cable is detachable, that it has both the maintenance and reliable connection. It should be noted that the pin in the pin 2, the shape is different from previous sale model and "ATH-CK100PRO". And a wire inside the cable, you can put it on over the ear.

 Play frequency band 15Hz ~ 20kHz, output sound pressure level of 101dB/mW, maximum input 3mW, impedance is 14Ω. Stereo mini plug / L type.The Y cable type, length 1.2m. Weight with the exception of the cable is about 8g. In addition to silicon (S / M / L size), earpiece bundled configuration ply form earpiece also (M size). Case is also included.


This looks interesting... but $400-600 price. Better be real good to stand up to the cheaper competition.

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I am writing to congratulate you on the excellent work.
This file was by far the best article I've read on the subject I found very realistic.
I was actually intending to buy Westone, UE 900 only by appeal to be the most expensive and better and now I saw that this is not so.
I love music and like to listen to them on Ipad Smartphone. Now think of buying VSonic GR07 Pro Dynamic MK2 or RE-400.
Congratulations once more.

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Really thinking of going for the RE-400 to listen to Trance now.

Unless I can find either UE900. XBA-40 or BA-200 really cheap, which I doubt.

For the price of around £60 RE-400 simply can't be beaten on value.
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Thanks for the review. But I largely disagree, I would not say that vsonic and hifiman undermine market. Neutral sound of gr07be with sibilance it's product not top level and should cost max 90$ like re-400 but not 180$ as before, it's commerce, baby. Large companies and сorporation spend a lot of money on innovation they move progress.

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Great write up. The prices for plastic headphones is ridiculous. I personally buy then used and refurbished. 500 for westone 4r's when we can get something with the same sound much less is ridiculous
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Very tank's for your opinion !!!

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Hey, just wanted to say that this paragraph is probably one of the best I've ever read in a headphone, or pretty much any technology, review:

Meanwhile, the floor is open for upstars [sic] like Vsonic and HiFiMan to undercut these entrenched manufacturers. Because really, they have no history of pricing, no roadmaps, they don't have vested interests enshrined into monolithic structures of middle management, shareholders etc etc.


You definitely have a career in journalism if you so desire. Also, thanks for your thoughts on the quad armatures. It's not confidence-inspiring to find out the UE 900 have all these defects two days after paying $200 for them on Amazon (refurbished), but still. Good stuff.

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