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VSonic VSD1 or NuForce NE-700 or Zero Audio Carbo Basso?

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My favorite IEMs to date have been the Westone UM3X and Yamaha EPH100.


I love bass, but prefer sub-bass over mid bass. I prefer neutral midrange, I find forward midrange to be 'blaring' and obnoxious, especially when I listen to metal in the gym. I prefer laid back highs. Anything that can be described as sparkly, crisp, etc, I'm sure I'll hate. Although I do appreciate clarity, good instrument separation, airiness, wide sound stage, etc.


I listen to a lot of electronic music (downtempo, DnB, dubstep, trip hop, etc), as well as heavy rock and metal. So I need something that can handle both without any one particular frequency standing out over the others, unless it's an ample amount of bass (but not obnoxious mid bass bloat).


Having said that, which would be the best of the three IEMs?


- VSonic VSD1

- Zero Audio Carbo Basso

- NuForce NE-700 (non-mic'd version, old or new)


Or, if I can find them, the Sony version of MH1C. 


Are there any other contenders in the sub-$50 range that I haven't mentioned that I might like, considering the two IEMs I mentioned being my favorites?


I'm driving myself nuts here trying to figure out what I should order. I've tried the budget $10 IEM game, and everything has sounded like absolute s***. The only somewhat tolerable has been the Philips SHE3580, but they're only all that listenable for movies plugged into my computer... they're not good for music IMO.


Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Well I have new NuForce NE-700/no mic and sony mh1c and mh1c is far more my sound signature and easy to drive/setup/non fatique/balanced/great bass, no sibling on highs or mids,great isolation iems vs oposite ne700x (they are not bad but very difrent in term of easy setup and  I really tried to like them but after many combinations with eq at the end I still prefer the mh1c which sound better on any setup i throw at them, even blindfolded setup), the mh1c only problem for me is cable and big controls so I am going for vsd1 as next iems because of driver flex problem on bassos that I dont have the money to risk investing.


If I could recable the mh1c my quest would be over but I dont have the skill so I am hoping the vsd1 can come close in term of sound to mh1c.


Reading your sound preferance I say mh1c would be perfect for you but if you find that cable and controls drive you crazy your troubles are just begining because so far of 8 iems I tried non of them comes close to mh1c. Still no iems similar to these on my side.


Sorry for bad english and hope I helped you in some way, good luck!!

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Thank you for the feedback. If you happen to get the VSD1, please post your thoughts on them vs the Sonys.


I'm still searching for a set of the Sonys, as I really think I'll be happy with them.. so far, no luck finding them though.


Are the controls on the Sonys noticeably heavy, do they tend to tug on the earpieces when moving around?

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Not heavy just bulky, they dont pull out earpiece.


As of vsd1 I found this:

"Lol if you find the vsd1 sibilant, try the jvc explosive lineup. They are some sibilant iem's right there. If the sibilance is still to much for you, go for the sony mh1c, which has the smoothest highs ive heard and do not have a trace of sibiliance."


This is my main problem sibilance, so no vsd1 for me because I cant stand sibilance or bright sounding iems. So its back to mh1c for me. The best thing for you if you can go to store and try what you can, I plan on doing the same for my next iem because you can only belive your own ears and this forum is only for directing you in right direction.


Or you have lots off money and you buy them all :))

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Yeah, that's my problem with treble as well. I prefer smooth/laid back/warm/dark upper mids and highs... anything even remotely forward, I can't stand. Anything that can be described as "sparkly" or "crisp" means I'll hate it.


This is why I loved the sound of my Yamaha EPH100.. but I destroyed mine unfortunately trying to get the freakin driver to stop cutting out. I should have just left them alone and sent them in for warranty replacement... can't afford to replace them right now.


I've seen the Sonys listed on eBay, but they're overpriced. Considering they were selling for $25 before, I refuse to pay more than that out of principle.

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Then we are on same quest,  going to check for Yamaha EPH100 in store tnx for tip, as of sony yes i got them for 20$ before hyped pull the price up.


If you find/buy anything that suits you pls let me know and if I run into something i will let you know.


Good luck and have a nice day!

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Thanks and good luck to you on your search as well. The Yamahas I found improved a lot from burn-in, though I know some people don't believe in it, I listened to them new out of the box, then left music playing for a few days before listening to them again, and the sound was much better after that.


The old version of the Sonys are available on eBay for $20, but I'm not sure if they'll work properly without an adapter? I don't really care about the controls, so if music will still play through them, maybe I'll just get those.

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