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New & confused - help desperately needed :)

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Hi All,
Can someone please help me. I am in the market to purchase a pair of over the head headphones. I came to this site to do a bit of research and now I am so confused I am at a loss as to what to purchase. I live in Australia and am looking for a sub $300 pair of cans to get started with. What would be the best pair to get. Ill mainly be listening to my iPhone, iPod & laptop. I listen to all music from metal to country to pop to golden oldies.
I've narrowed it down to wanting a set of closed headphones so I can drown out the general public & maybe my other half tongue.gif without having to turn up the volume on an open set for example & blow my eardrums.

What would all you knowledgeable people recommend? Also, some work better with an amp?

Now you all know why I need help smily_headphones1.gif

Thanks heaps!
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What kind of sound signature are you looking for? More neutral and clean, or more 'fun'? What aspects of the sound (bass, mids, treble) do you enjoy? 


Audio Technica ATH M50s are a very respected entry-level headphone that still holds its own with other higher priced models. They have strong bass, but not overpowering by any means. 

V-Moda M-80s also sound great, and IMO are sexy as hell. They're only semi-closed though, so they may not be able to block out sound that well, though in my experience it does a good job. They have deep bass (not as strong as the M50s), very full mids, but slightly rolled off treble. 


You would of course benefit from an amp - it's technically not "required", but it should be. Will you be using these on the go? If so, you should check out the Fiio models. 

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The Sennheiser Momentum recently had a price drop to $299 and might suit you.  Comes in brown and black.




A review:



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I have never had a good set of headphones before so not sure. I guess neutral as a starting poitn and I can then gain more knowledge from there. What do you mean by fun? I do like bass, and also mids, but would like to have good treble as well. So an all round awesome headphone would be great :) if possible I'd much perfer them to be over ear and not on hear fit if possible. So apart from the bass are there any other differences between the V-moda M-80s and M50s? I would be using these on the go for sure. So will look into a Fiio model amp. If I were to go the V-moda's (either 80 or 50) how much difference would geting an amp make these? Would they be perfectly fine without an amp while I was getting aquainted with good headphones and then in the future if I were to get an amp would this just blow my mind and take me to the next leve before having to upgrade to better headphones? Hope this makes sense :S
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Whereabouts in Australia are you?

You can try to find a nice pair of Audio Technica ES-700 or ESW9 if you prefer vocals

Momentums are definitely a good choice as well (not the on ears version). If you  have the JB hifi discount you can get another 30% off sennheiser products which makes the momentum even better value.


If you prefer IEMs, vsonic GR07 are extremely good value and very neutral in sound.

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I am in Brisbane, Queensland. I am tossing up between the V-Moda and the momentums at the moment.
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I recently got into this hobby and I started with ATH AD700. They were great, but sold them for the ATH AD900X and these are amazing! I would think they are as good as any headphone for $300 or less in terms of sound quality.


However, I recently got the ATH M50's and i actually like them a tad more then the AD900X's for several reasons: 1) comfort, 2) bass, 3) isolation.


Anyway, if you can find a good deal on the M50's I wouldn't hesitate one second recommending those to any entry level person. From there you can get some HE-400's or something. 

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Awesome thanks heaps. You have just swayed me towards the ATH M50s. I shall start looking at the best deal. Can't wait to get a set :) :)
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Sorry one more question while I'm research where to purchase. Would I be able to listen to these without an amp or is an amp highly recommended straight awya? Thanks again :)
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