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Best tips for Shure SE535

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I'm currently using the Yellow foam tips and to me it sounds better than the silicon tips. Which tips that come with the Shure SE535 should I be using for the best possible sound?


But I'm thinking of switching back to silicone tips because they are more comfortable.

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For me, the small olives (black foam) give the best comfort and sound. The yellow foam come in second.


But you really should experiment with them all and see what works best for yourself.


I really wanted to use the silicon tips, as they are more convenient (easier to insert and remove), but they sound weird to my ears. Probably because I never got a good seal with them.

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You may want to try the e2c clear tips or the proguard earportz I have been using those non stop those are my 2 go to silicone tips as im not big on foam
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They don't come w/ the SE535 but I really recommend picking up a set of Westone star tips. 

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Reviving an old thread:


A couple of months ago I was on the verge of abandoning my se535's alltogether.


The medium black foam olives by far had the best isolation, but the deepest bass lacked a bit and high frequencies were the weakest of all the tips. I also got sore ears using them. I could not get the small olives to seal in my ears.


The yellow foamies had the weakest bass of all the tips I could get a seal with. And they didn't last very long.


The grey flex tips had good bass and more treble, but the midrange and treble seemed a bit uneven and they did not stay very well in my ears when moving my head.


The triple flanges were downright painful and I had trouble getting a good seal. Even when shortening the stem.


Then I read on this forum that cutting off the smallest flange on the triple flanges might do the trick. I did so and after trimming the stem a tiny bit at a time until I could both make the tip seal securely and have the body of the earphone flush against the opening of my ear canal my problems are over. The fit felt a bit tight for the first few days, but the isolation is equal to the black olives, the bass is deep and tight, the midrange is the best I have had from these iems and the high frequencies are the most present, extended and smooth of all the tips I have tried. I would still like a bit more high frequency presence and sparkle, but that is just my preference - YMMV.


After about a week of normal use, the tips sort of customized themselves to the shape of my ear canals and they are now very comfortable, secure fitting and strange looking :etysmile:.


Hope this can be helpful.

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