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Ear Max/ Ear Max Pro

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Anyone owns the earmax/pro?

I would lean towards the pro since I own a pair of grados (225) and hopefully will get a pair of Senns 580 soon.
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To me, it's the prettiest headphone amp in the world
I'll build a replica version of it soon. hope they don't sue me for violating design right.
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Looks sweet, how much and where can I get them from on the net?
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raymondlin, check following link;


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The only place that I have found so far is:


But if anyone knows others please post!
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Forget the standard version. It can't drive most phones, even the HD600 which it was designed for. You have to get the Earmax Pro for $200 more, no way around it.

The Pro is the best amp for the 600s that I've heard. Jury is still out on how it performs with other phones.

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What do you mean: the jury is still out? I am right here. I used to drive an Audio Technica ATH-A5 with my Earmax Pro for quite some time, and the amp worked fine at the 60 Ohms nominal impedance. To my ears, bass extension, impact, control and timbre was better than anything one could get from the Senns HD 580 or 600. I have compared the Earmax Pro to the solid state "Naim Headline" as well, and - as was to be expected, especially from a Naim product - it had even more punch, but it was more brute force than superior musicality in the bass region. There was certainly more elasticity and timbre with the Earmax Pro.

Nowadays, I use a Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro (250 Ohms) with it, and bass performance is the best I have ever heard from any headphone - to my ears, both the Senn 580 and 600 aren't all that great to begin with, in terms of smoothness, dynamic range, tonal balance, and bass extension and impact.

My version of the Earmax Pro is called "Brocksieper Pro", though. Because this is the name of its German designer: Stefan Brocksieper. And my power supply unit works with 220 Volts. I think this might account for differences in performance. But this is pure speculation.
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As far as I know, here's the only place in Britain you can get the Earmax Pro:

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What do you mean: the jury is still out? I am right here
As am I. The Pro is simply awesome with the Grado RS-1's. It's finely layered, with incredible midrange impact and bass extension, and the uncanny ability to sweeten just about anything and not leave you wanting for detail. It literally blew the Wheatfield away.
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TerriblySorry, http://www.stoneaudio.co.uk carries them, and at a great price.
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I tried to use the Pro with the ER4S and found that bass clipped badly. ER4S is 100 ohms I believe. I was therefore sceptical of its ability to drive things like Grados of Sony CD3000 with 32 ohm loads. Just goes to show there must be other factors at play than impedence.

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Thanks, SumB.
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Thanks SumB for the link.

They sell the pro for a little over $600 and they ship to the US!

I'll email them to see if they have the 110V version.
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which wheatfield sumb?
not the ha-2 i bet...
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The HA-1.
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