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Any SF Bay Area meets?

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I'd love to audition gear at meets. Maybe make my iPad sound semi .... I said semi.... Respectable smily_headphones1.gif
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In a month I'll be out in SF for two weeks. Maybe I can sneek over to a meet during my honeymoon, lol.

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You guys just missed the CAS4 meet.


But... I feel you.


And I'm itching to get together with some friends as well, so let me see if we can't throw together a mini-meet at one of the local Head-Fier's place, or if we can't just all crowd into a public place or something.


Edit: made a new thread:


The SF Bay Area group was planning a get-together anyway, so I think it's a good excuse for a mini-meet. Let's make it happen! biggrin.gif

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When you decide on when and where for the meet in sf, please don't forget me. I am new as a member but have been searching the forums here for the past 2 years.
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