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DAC upgrade

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Hello everyone,


I've been wanting to upgrade from my fiio e7 (not K) for a while now.

Only reason i got it in the first place (instead of, say, the e10) was because i wanted to use it with both my laptop and android phone... but apparently the galaxy nexus has issues with digital out being very noisy.


I've been considering getting something the likes of an ODAC or Gamma 1 lite, but a friend told me that it might actually not be that big of a step up from the e7.

Instead he recommended something by HRT or the dragonfly.. but honestly these are a bit over my budget, unless i can find them for a reasonable price on the boards.


My budget is around $100 (i can stretch it a bit to $150 including shipping).

I prefer to get a complete device but i'm not afraid of diy if i can get a full kit.


I'm looking for a portable usb-powered dac which i'll be connecting to my mini^3, so a headphone amp section isn't necessary.



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although i'm on the verge of getting an HRT music streamer 2, any input in here would be very welcome!

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Never heard E7 but tried E17 and definitely DragonFly is much better. Also remember that Dragonfly is both DAC and amp but amp could be easily turned off by setting volume of system and the player you use to the maximum.Also be aware that DragonFly unlike many others DACs has ANALOG volume control which means that it will convert signal to analog first and thanchange the volume keeping bit perfect signal

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What is the likelihood of finding a used Dragonfly or HRT Streamer 2 shipped to Israel to for $150?  Could happen but may take a while finding one.  Most I see in the forums run closer to $200.  Was one for $150 a couple weeks ago but that was without shipping.  The ODAC is found fairly common on the used market around $100 and with shipping fits your budget.  I had the Dragonfly for the office at one point and it really is an excellent DAC/amp solution.  I now have a ODAC for the office.  It's only been 2 days so I'm not going to make any judgments yet other than it presents music in a clean way with balanced weight across the spectrum.  Not peaky in the bass or highs.  Plenty of detail, esp. for this price range.  The Dragonfly was more euphoric (more weight to the bass and plenty of treble sparkle) but that may have been due to its amplification section vs the CC BH2 I'm using with the ODAC.  New CC BH2 + new ODAC = $250.  New Dragonfly = $250.  I could live with either.  If I had to pick one, I'd probably take the Dragonfly.  But that's only after 2 days of using the ODAC.  I may fall in love with it.  You won't be let down with the ODAC.  I never tried the E17 so I can't say how it compares to ODAC or Dragonfly.    




Originally Posted by Wolfskie View Post

My budget is around $100 (i can stretch it a bit to $150 including shipping).

I prefer to get a complete device but i'm not afraid of diy if i can get a full kit.

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Thank you for the input!

i was considering the ODAC as it indeed seemed to fit my budget the best, but have found an hrt music streamer 2 in the boards for a better price.

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