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Any news on this? :D

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Originally Posted by AlanYWM View Post

Hi Rudi,

If you ever intend to fly to Singapore, please PM me. It would be great to meet up with another Head-fier wink.gif  We can have a nice chat over coffee or tea and talk all day about our toys etysmile.gif



Thank you Alan for your invitation
I will PM you before I fly
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Ok as promised :D , i got my Note 3 snapdragon 800 version n9005 about an hour ago.

transferred all the music i had from the older device.


Sound quality is really great , my older device was the htc one x .

The sq on the note 3 is both higher and more clear


for the 192 Khz /24bit UHQ audio , there is actually a minimal difference , not worth the space difference :D

i tried it on the song "Father and son" by Cat stevens , if u have any questions or anything please add them here , or any request at all.


My pair of cans are the ATH-M50s from Audio Technica :)

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Tattari what's your contry?
It is an european version of note 3?.
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Saudi Arabia , it's the middle eastern version of the device , i doubt that there is any difference between it and the european version as i usually purchase my devices from the UK . 

but it is the N9005 , Snapdragon 800 , has the 4G label on the back

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Thanks Tattari
I have a doubt for European vers
The volume may be cut because of European legislation. This happened with other smartphones and walkman... for example the sony walkman z.
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if that is true , then that might be the reason why my htc one x had a low maximum volume , but i really hope you get the full potential ^^ Cheers!

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Just made an account so I can give you guys some more info.

About the note 3 and why I came to this forum is because the loudspeaker is Just so much more worse than the note 2's. So I kept looking for other info also about the sound chip because at the end the quality of the 3.5mm is a lot more important than the loudspeaker because I'm using it more and ofcourse nice in-ears and on-ears to listen my music thru. (also played some music over my dap rb-15 speakers but didn't payed many attention on sound quality at that moment)

Now the info which you came for tongue.gif
I have a dutch note 3 since launch date, so the n9005 one.
I don't know for sure it has the wolfson chip but what I can confirm is that it playbacks 24 bits audio and shows it in the main audio player.

Here an image, notice the 24 bit 44khz rightabove.

Hope you gained some information from this and feel free to ask questions.

I'm now going to sleep because typing from my note with dutch autocorrect and constantly having to correct words is very tiring tongue.gif

Gn People,

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Thanks Twan
More important is the quality you think have the note 3 in headphone output.
In my italian forum the opinion about the hedphone output of note 3 is no very good.
I like to know your opinion.
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Report this post from xda note 3 forum:

I have been using my note 3 for the past few days (s800). There is a feature called adapt sound in the audio settings. Once set up the audio is vastly improved on the stock music player compared to 3rd party ones. I tried power amp, double twist, winamp. None of them come close to the extra detail produced by the stock player. Has anyone noticed this? My mp3s are 320 at 44khz.

Further is it worth converting them to 24 bit, 192khz.

11 ww
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Will give a short reply, after this I will go to bed ;p

I agree that it doesn't sound the best you can get, haven't compared it to my note 2 yet but a thing I can confirm is that I like the 'tube amp effect' very much. It makes the high less agressive and gives overall a much warmer sound (my opinion).
Further the standard bass preset works also very wel, doesn't distort at all and that's actually for the whole equalizer. I think it doesn't boost the frequenties you slide up but actually lowers the rest, gives the same result at a cost of db's but without distortion. Still goes pretty hard though.

I listen to many genres but my main genres are house, top 40,hardstyle etc.
At the moment I listened to these three genres and with Sony xb-40 earbuds. So even with everything in flac I will listen tomorrow thru a proper earphone with 'normal music' (in my case music like Michael Jackson, Sting, Peter Gabriel, the Eagles etc.) in 24 bit 192khz to give my final opinion about the sound quality.

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Can anyone comment on the SQ of the Note 3 compared to the iPhone 5? I'm on the brink of buying one next week.

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Getting my AT&T Note 3 Tuesday. I'll report back here with my audio quality as well!

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Should have mine in a couple of days. Hopefully It'll gel with the Centrance Hifi-M8. Now to find a good cable for that...

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I had been using my Note3 n9005 with SD800 for a couple of days and is pleasantly surprised with the sq I got from it. Definitely like it better than my Note2 n7100 with exynos+wolfson chips. Had anyone confirmed the n9005 indeed uses the oft-maligned Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset for DAC or would it follow the LG G2 that uses the Wolfson alongside the Qualcomm? I was fully expecting the LTE Note3 with Qualcomm to suffer with SQ but it turns out surprisingly well pairing with both my jh13pro fp as well as my tg334.

As with Rudi I am using Neutron and I find Neutron the best player for SQ on Android. I also tried the new stock Music player but I am not too sure about any of the "Sound Alive" effects. All they do for my IEMs are adding significant hiss while making the music less transparent. These impressions are mainly done with 24/88 or 24/96 music.


Stock Music app:

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