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So which version of Lollipop are you running? I'll avoid the update if it loses usb otg compatibilty because although I use a dedicated usb music app to power my schiit mini stack at home I use the fiio e18 as a portable when on the go.

I have just Googled this and can't find anything which suggests the feature has been removed. In fact a couple suggested Lollipop now has native support for usb dacs. Could it be a fault with your mini usb cable? I had to swap mine out a while back after the pins wore out with the result being no sound.
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If it does turn out to be the usb cable I posted a link somewhere in this or the fiio-e18 thread where they can be bought cheaply. The Fiio one lasted a couple of months, the replacement O found is still going strong over a year later.
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I have this and it's.. pretty good. Sounds balanced, cool, fun and non-fatiguing. Not rich in the amping section so not easy to get a thump but sounds very decent.


I'd love to have a phone with this type of quality but a bit more louder.

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Now we should leave all kind of old mobile as note 5 and note 7 are in hands to buy. all these mobile are very fast and very hand for us.


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and all samsung mobile will give you good experience with speed. 

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