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240v subwoofer to pair with my new Dayton B652s

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I recently bought some Dayton Studio monitors and Lepai LP-2020A+ amp, and am really very happy with them.


Now I'd like to add an amplifier but I think the widely recommended Dayton ones are only 110v and I need 240v (Australia).


Has anyone got any recommendations or links to subwoofers people are happy pairing with these Dayton speakers?



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Subs don't need to be matched to speakers in terms of sound, except in the case of having very small satellites that need a high crossover (some subs don't extend high enough). You don't have that problem though smily_headphones1.gif

However, you do need to be careful of getting a sub that has the right connections to integrate into your setup. With passive speakers and the Lepai amp, you either need

1) A sub that has speaker level inputs and outputs. You run the audio out from the Lepai to the sub, and then connect your speakers to the sub speaker outputs. This method has the advantage of allowing you to set the gain (volume) on the sub to match the speakers and then control the volume with the Lepai.

2) A sub with line in/line out pass through. Then you connect your source to the sub, and run the line out to the Lepai. With this method, you'll have to control the volume with your media source.

3) A sub with just line in inputs. Split the audio coming from your source and run it to both the sub and the speakers. With this method, you'll have to control the volume with your media source.

Also, subs should be matched to your usage. For instance, room size makes a difference in how much sub you need. Are you using it in a desktop computer setup only? Or are you looking for room filling bass? Is it mainly for music use, or movie watching, too? The latter benefits from <30hz bass output, whereas most music will be fine with a sub that doesn't extend as deep.

Finally, subwoofer availability and pricing varies wildly from country to country. Given that, I would find out what subs are available to you in your price range, and then go to AVS forums budget subwoofer discussion thread. Share the models that you have found and see which one they recommend out of those.
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ce14145 is right . A sub-woofer because of the low frequency it operates at is non directional.[in relation to the human ear] Below a certain frequency the human ear finds it hard or impossible to detect a stereo effect so only one woofer is required. 

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Wow, great advice as always. You've both given me some things to think about. A very detailed response 4145.

My source at the moment is my PC but I'm so happy with this little setup I'm thinking of moving it downstairs to a dedicated music/reading room. I have some Sonos kit so I was thinking of building on that by buying the Sonos Connect and plumbing in the Dayton/Lepai with the addition of a new subwoofer. It will be purely for listening to music, and the room's about 5 meters by 3 with a tiled floor.

If it all sounds ok I'd just need to buy another lepai amp and dayton speakers to put back on my PC.
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Glad to help out smily_headphones1.gif

If you want to fill a room that size, a sub with a little more output will be better than something really small.

Look also into entry level audio/video receivers. Many have the capability now if being able to connect to a PC via wireless. For example, this Pioneer VSX-822-K is only the 2nd model up from the cheapest that they have, and you can stream music from it from all kinds of sources (see description further down the page under Air Play): "You can stream your music straight from your PC or Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the VSX-822-K at the touch of a button."

So for the cost of the Sonos, you could have a better amp/receiver.
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