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In praise of the Westone 4

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I discovered this forum a few years ago, and have used it as a source anytime I look to upgrade headphones. With a little digging through the search function, I've found some great advice and reviews.

Eight months ago I bought the Westone 4. I've loved them, but used them primarily on an iPhone with lossy files while traveling for work. I could tell they had potential, and knew they were my favorite of various ones I've experimented with (um3x, AT CK10)

I recently bought a pro-ject debut carbon turntable. I'm connecting it to the Westones through a music hall preamp and a little dot I+ with stock tubes.

A vinyl copy of Wilco's Being There just arrived. This is an album I love and have listened to hundreds of times. I fired it up, and my jaw has been on the floor for twenty minutes. I'm hesitant to try to describe what I'm hearing as I'm not completely fluent in all the adjectives used here. All I know is I hear a slightly warm but balanced sound with details I didn't know existed. It's a close as I've ever felt to being in a studio. This is clearly why people love this hobby so much.
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Welcome!  The awesome experience of that of the Westone 4s is why we actually have a huge thread singing the praises.

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