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TEAC DS-H01 or Pure i20 ? Please help.

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Looking at the TEAC DS-H01 and the Pure i20, both have the own DAC so I can use that instead of the iPod.

TEAC uses Burr Brown and the Pure uses the Cirrus Logic.

Any options on what's best? Both I can get for the same price.

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Never used the TEAC....have the i20. The i20 is under a hundred including shipping from Amazon. A real bargain. The dock connector can be a bit finicky (wont charge) if its dirty. I hear this is a common issue. Unit sounds great and is small. I like the looks of the TEAC and would have gotten that instead if I could have for the same price simply because it appears to be a better unit.....but I've never heard it. I'm also interested in reviews for the unit. Amazon has it for twice the price (199) on sale from 4x the price. What prices are you seeing?
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I have seen the Pure for £72 new shipped and the TEAC £80 shipped used 6months old.

I see a fair few reviews in the Pure, not many on the TEAC at all.

Looking at the chips and the board whsts best?

I Cirrus chips are in iPods and are known for a sharp and clear sound, but not heard on the BurrBrown before.

Many thanks.

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I own both of these!

I ran the Pure for a full year, and really was in love with it through my Audioengine A2, and also my A5+.

Over time, I still really enjoy the Pure, but decided to tweak it with a better power supply, and some RF attenuating cloth internally (Stillpoints)

Both tweaks helped a bit, but still could not overcome the edgy dryness inherent in this chip.

So, I thought I would try the Teac!

Right out of the box, the Teac sounded more inviting than the Pure.  Then after about a week of burn in, I did a side by side comparison.

Using the RCA outputs on each DAC, and some Audioquest interconnects, I began to listen to PandoraOne.

The Pure sounded like all the soundstage was back at about, say, 16 feet from my ear.  The Teac moved much of the soundstage forward to about 12 feet from my ear, and left some of it more back.  In other words, the voices tended to come forward, and be ever so much more inviting and accessable.  

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