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Driving Sennheiser 598

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Hi all,
I just purchased these as my first set of headphones. I will be using them on my HTC one for music but primarily from my PC.
Can anyone give me some advice on how to drive these to get great results?
I was thinking of something like a fiio unit for the HTC but am stuck on the PC.
I currently just have onboard audio and I understand that Dolby Headphone is great for gaming?
I've looked at some Creative and Asus sound cards that have a headphone jack.

I've also looked at some of the fiio products.

I see a couple of options:
on board audio optical into a dac/amp which will give me volume control THAT I can also use with the HTC

or a soundcard with a headphone amp built in for the PC and a headphone amp for the HTC

Thanks for any insight.

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I've also come across the Magni/Modi combo and the Aune T1.
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Anyone at all? I'm going for one of the following but I'd really like some advice as I'm new to this.

e12 + soundcard
e12 + dac
e10 for pc and e12 for HTC

thanks :-)

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A Fiio E17 may be what you're looking for. Optical and USB inputs with more than enough power for the 598s, and portable.


I'm not familliar with the HTC One or if the E17 is Andriod compatable, but you may find you can get a digital signal out of the phone via an OTG cable. Have a look through one of the E17 threads for more info - it's not something I have tried.

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Thanks cammerarian. I'll look into it. I've decided on a Xonar STX for the PC so I might wait and see what the fiio e18 is like on the HTC One before I buy anything else.
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