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Hey pox67, thank you for replying !


I don't have the necessary skill for that.. It's good to know that there is indeed insulation on that hair-thin wire, and an explanation of the process. I will search for a skilled solderer I guess :)

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Originally Posted by deppard View Post


Assuming I have a temp controlled iron and low temp aluminium solder, is it relatively straightforward to connect the voice coil wire ? It's too thin.. I tried to force a contact between the cut parts to see if any sound passed through to no avail. 




The wires are enamel coated so that is why you are probably not getting any sound - the enamel gets melted off when you solder - to solder them I normally place something under them to hold the pieces in place while they are joined and I found some 179 degrees C solder which so far has had 100% success rate. 

Repairs cost £54 http://en-uk.sennheiser.com/service-support-headphone-repair-monitoring but I have just noticed sennheiser have dropped the price of the earcups - they are now £37 GBP in the UK ( we have 3 in stock )

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Good to know, thanks !


Repairing them on Sennheiser UK would cost me 54 pounds (74 euro) plus shipping both ways equals ~same as buying new


118 euros here



.. and 105 here



now, you're probably talking about this



but it doesn't look like the same part ! Am I missing something out ?

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hey there,


I replied earlier but used external links which I rightfully can't use yet.


Thanks for the tip - I guess I'll give it a try. Regarding the earcup, I see a price of 118 euros in juno.co.uk, and 78 pounds (105 euro) in customcable.co.uk. I did notice that earcup on the sennheiser site costing 37 pounds, but I can't confirm if it's the same piece (photo from one side only?). If it is, it's 49 pounds (~70 euros) incl. postage to get a new one, which I guess is fair enough. 

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