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Cant here the difference between V0, Mp3 320, flac, wav.......even on a high end rig. 




listen to whats most convenient. 


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Plain old 44khz/16 bit lossless audio is overkill for a portable device, let alone 96khz/24 bit and 192 khz/24 bit. Sample rates and bit depths higher than the 44/16 CD standard does nothing to enhance sound quality. If you can hear the difference between a high-res track and the same track from a CD, it's because the high-res track was mastered differently. High-res masters often have better dynamics and clarity than CD masters, although these audiophile-pleasing benefits often apply to vinyl masters as well since a lot of audiophiles swear by records and turntables.


To 99.9% of music listeners, a high-quality lossy encoding, whether 256kbps AAC VBR from iTunes, 320kbps MP3 from Google Play, or 256kbps MP3/256kbps MP3 VBR from Amazon, will sound identical to lossless audio. Who knows though, you might be in that .1%. Why not see if you can hear the difference yourself with an ABX test? Even if you can hear the difference, ask yourself, is it worth the additional investment in $$$ and hard drive space to buy CDs, even if you only like one song on an album, and listen to lossless audio on a portable player with limited disk space?

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