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For Sale:
little dot i+ with tubes, and meridian explorer

Will Ship To: CONUS

little dot hybrid amp with extra tubes, amp has tube cages, the rings are included, just not pictured

the tubes are pairs of :

408a- erricson, and ge

6ak5- rca , siemens

6am6- zairix and mullard

5654- hp



6cs6- mixed pair, 1 rca and 1 cbs

1 lone tung sol 6028

the status of the explorer's headphone output impedance is not known, it sounds great to me with my headphones(grado's)

and as a dac, the explorer is great ! the explorer is in mint condition, it's still wrapped in plastic, with original box papers, usb cable.

i just got a lyr, and looking to get a bifrost, so i'm selling these to raise some cash

this is a very good dac amp combo for $250

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