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earphones dilemma

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1) hello people. i want to buy a good pair of earphones within 99 dollars/6000 rupees. my main requirements are sound clarity along with a good base effect and a significantly loud output. like for example. . . a little higher than the bose IE2 model. PLEASE HELP

2) i have noticed that when i used my apple earpods on a high volume(max) for two months, (average use- few hours a day)
its overall output went down from 100% to about 70%. since i need new earphones i wanna know which brands would not make me face this problem.
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What is your source that you are using the earpods on max?


I'd hate to say it, but perhaps you are suffering hearing loss, not the earpods weakening?


As far as new earphones, I'm not sure what's available within India right now. Are you planning on ordering from abroad?

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it cannot be hearing loss. i used a friend's earpods on my cell phone's max output and the output was definitely higher compared to mine. i do plan to order as India has all ****ed up choices and most good brands are not available like for eg audio tech. shure heir etc.
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but Im looking for earphones that don't have the rubber thing(that goes into the ear canal) at their end. budget-99.9 dollars
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If i might direct your attention here


If i'm not mistaken, what you're after are ear buds. Other than another set of ear-pods, you might check out the options on that thread.


Look for Yuin PK1, PK2, and PK3, (whichever fits your budget).

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I FEELTHAT ON USE OF MY NEW AUDIO TECHNICA ATH WS77 HEADPHONES ON FULL VOLUME REGULARLY. . . ITS BASS EFFECT HAS REDUCED FROM ITS ORIGINAL EFFECT TO ABOUT 80%(i.e reduction in the magnitude quality and heaviness of the bass effect i got when i had just bought them and tried it on; its been just a month now)

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