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Yeap, Double Black Tips  that insert deeper, an HE-500 sound.  The clear, double bullets in the portable case gives much, much more space, a 2-3 rows farther back, colder sound but that space and holography.

i tried some other tips and found jvc spiral dot tips works perfectly with these iems, remain the magical mid, elevate bass and smooth out treble :) you may want to try those tips :)

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I am so glad I bought these. At first, the mids where kinda overwhelming for me.It is for sure a very mid-forward/centric signature.

The initial pricing of 400€.. not sure If I had bought them, since they are technically inferior to Balanced Armatures( detail, frequency extension, isolation). But the Re-600 is ahead in soundstage - grand and coherent. The timbre is amazing as well, everything is well put together. A rather sophisticated tuning which is highly versatile. If you aren't too focused on the technical ability of your gear compared to 300-400€ Balanced Armatures, the IEM Re-600 could be one of your most appreciated companions =) 

But at 200€ price point, there is no competition right now if you happen to like midcentric, high class tuning =)

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