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The Weakest Word In Music Is "Epic"

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Whenever I hear some kid describe music as "Epic," I run away, because "Epic" is the weakest word in music!


When some kid says some kind of music is "Epic," that's that's the first clue that he's an 18-year-old moron who's never heard anything!




Led Zeppelin is epic!

Black Sabbath is epic!

Eminem is epic!

Dre is Epic!

Te9ne is Epic!

The Smiths are Epic!

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This thread is epically unepic.


But I agree (except for moron) and strongly dislike the usage of that word.

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OK - I'll bite .....


What is wrong with the term?  Let's look at the definition -


  • Surpassing the usual or ordinary, particularly in scope or size
  • Heroic and impressive in quality


With those in mind - I have no particular issues with someone describing a performance as 'epic'.  I mean - it's all subjective anyway - so no matter how it was described (epic or otherwise), your particular opinion of the artist / album / song makes no difference at all to how the original 'descriptor' hears it.  To him/her - it remains "epic" no matter what your particular problem with it is wink.gif


If you want a weaker musical term (or at least one that is probably just as bad) - try the term "musical" biggrin.gif

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The point is that certain people pick up on a word and then use it to describe anything. Another massively adopted one is ''fail''. It really is a youngster thing. My/our word back then was ''fat'' bigsmile_face.gif

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Eh, it's a great word that's been overused. Just like the word "love"... man, I "love" that sandwich.


Sure they've been molested by nonsense, but when used genuinely I find they still hold weight. 

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Maybe it says more about you that you seem to hang out with oblivious people who continually do things you don't like? For example: people who repeatedly make threads in a music forum that have nothing to do with actually listening to music might really be aggravating to some people, you know? Just imagine how annoying that would be!


And better they use "epic" to describe music than "moist", which really seems to get under some folks' skin.

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