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DIY Microphone Questions

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Hi guys,


I'm a proud owner of a pair of K518 LE's (http://www.head-fi.org/t/71148/diy-cable-gallery/10185#post_8703868I use them for listening to music on-the-go and for gaming when I'm on the computer.

My problem is as such, while gaming I use Skype and other VOIP (is that the right term?) programs, seeing as the K518 doesn't have a microphone, I used a microphone that I salvaged from my dead headset.

This microphone used to be great back in the day but it has too much wear on it at the moment to be usable.

So I've decided to go on a quest to create a quality gaming microphone!


Here's the deal... I don't know too much about microphones, I know I would probably need pre-amp for it to function properly but that's as much as I know.


Anyone care helping me out on this project?


I'm not looking to blow a whole lot of money on this... perhaps something in the 50-70$ range?

I want to know where can I purchase the materials for the making of it and what kind of amp (or pre-amp) I would need to use it (needless to say this is to be used with a PC and not some amp in a studio or something of the sort)


Thanks in advance :)

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Have a look at this webpage:- http://sound.westhost.com/projects-0.htm#mic.


It's got a few microphone projects, and if you read through them all you will pick up a lot of general information about mic's and preamplifiers.


Once you've got up to speed with all that stuff you'll probably have a few more specific questions.



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