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For Sale: Head-Fi Selloff -- Interest Check

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For Sale:
Head-Fi Selloff -- Interest Check

Will Ship To: CONUS

After attending the Canlanta meet, I decided that there are a few audio toys I really want, but I've got to sell off a bunch of stuff that doesn't get used much anymore to afford it. Among the list of items I coveted were the Aurisonics ASG-2 IEMs, which I now have, and which have replaced pretty much everything else I had. Thus, my Fischer Audio DBA-02 MkII IEMs are up for sale. Pertinent info:



MSRP: Couldn't find the actual MSRP, but Amazon is currently selling them for $195, and the places I've looked have all been right around $200, so that sounds about right. I purchased them from Top Dog Headphones (one of the only places that actually had them at the time of purchase) for £133.99 (about $208) after shipping. 


Manufacturer's Product Page



Reviews and Impressions

Price: $150 + shipping
Notes: For the pictures, I had a pair of Klipsch tri-flange tips on there, but I don't plan on including them (unless someone really wants them for some reason). If you're familiar with these, you know they come with a fairly incredible number of accessories. All accessories pictured are included, and also the Fischer portable carrying case, which I didn't locate until after I took pictures. Also, I took the pictures of them as I wore them, with the ear guides, but they can be easily popped off if need be. I may have used these for 20-30 hours, and burned them in for a few days on top of that. Shipping limited to CONUS for now.
If you're looking for the highest-end sound for the lowest initial investment, you'd be hard pressed to do better than the DBA-02 MkII, especially for detail retrieval. These are definitely not monsters of seismic bass, but the bass there is extremely detailed and well-textured. 
UPDATE: The DBA-02 MkII is now sold. IC still in place for the other items below. 
I have a number of other items I'm considering selling off during this round as well. PM if interested: 
MEElectronics A161
FiiO E11 (SOLD)
Dared MP-5
Sennheiser HD25-1 II Addidas Edition
Yuin PK3
Trends UD10
Etymotic MC5
Yulong D100 
Trends 10.1 w/ upgraded power supply
Sennheiser IE8 (and IE8i cable) (SOLD)
Skullcandy Smokin' Buds
Beats iBeats
Thanks for looking!

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Reply sent. IE8 is still available. 

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WARNING: MENDO is a minor who got mommy's credit card . He purchased my Grado GR8s and I just got a call from his mom who was not pleased. I dutifully shipped earlier today so I couldn't stop transaction. I guess I'll see if further developments.

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Wow, that's worrisome if true. Thanks for the heads-up, man ;)

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P.S. I did notify Mods!

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