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Hello everyone. I am looking for a dac/amp combo with the following features



Battery-powered and usb-powered (no wallwart)

Compatible with android usb on the go

Great sound


I am describing the features that led me to initially choose the Leckerton Audio UHA 6S MKII. The reason I can't get one is because Leckerton Audio only accepts Paypal and I cannot use Paypal with my debit card.


Is the Magni Modi stack compatible with android? If so, I may forego the battery-powered requirement.


If the O2+ ODAC were compatible with android I might have ordered it already. So if any requirement is not essential, it is the battery.




Anybody tried the HRT Microstreamer? Can you provide a comparison the the leckerton?


I was thinking of this:


Computer >> HRT MS >> Fiio E11 or E12 or JDS Labs C5 >> Headphones 


Android phone >> HRT MS >> Fiio E11 or E12 or JDS Labs C5 >> Headphones

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