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UIEM Help!!!!

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Well, this is my first thread so I'd might as well introduce myself. My name is Bescomo (not my real name ofc, that's a secret for now ;) ) and I am officially a Beijing audio enthusiast. I can't say that I'm an experienced (not even close whatsoever) audiophile but I can say that I'm willing to learn! Anyways, after wandering around headfi for a year, I have decided to create an account after being slowly sucked into this site :) Back to the main point of starting this thread:


I'm currently on the search for a pair of high end around ear UIEM's that are in stock and available (unlike the 1plus2 in which I would have to wait two to three weeks for). I'm planning to find a UIEM that will be able to withstand ordinary outdoor use and travelling. My budget is <$1000 (not including additional cable purchases etc...). My source for onthego is a DX100 or a Colorfly C4 without any additional equipment. If I'm using my cellphone (s4) I would bring out my GoVibe Vulcan + from the dust shelf. I mainly listen to R&B, Pop, Rock, and traditional Chinese music (whatever genre that is... o.o).


Originally, I was looking into the shure se846 to add into my collection and then jump back into headphone land, but things took a slight different turn. Because of the insanely stupid and insane warrant and prices (bad,....,,, not good T.T) that are offered in retail stores as well as on online stores like taobao, I gave up my search for a se846. Thank goodness that happend - it gave me exactly 3 days to do research (Yes, I spent the last 3 days reading headfi posts and reviews without doing anything else). I auditioned the 535 at my local audio store (jaben) with stock cable and tbh the sound felt too "thin" for my taste. It felt as if I put my ears right next to the speakers of my macbook pro (sorry for the poor word choice, as I said earlier, I'm inexperienced). The bass is pleasant, but it is not enough; a little more would be better. The main problem for me was the vocals ( unnatural IMO ). How great of a difference is there between the 535 and the 846? Anyone? I read a few reviews of the shure se846 and many people from headfi suggested that in order for the se846 to perform its best I would have to switch the stock cable as well as searching for a new pair of buds.


After doing a little more research, I took a 1 day break to rest my brain and to prevent it from overheating and damaging inner cpu components ***************


Following my rest, I discovered the Stagediver 3 series as well as the ASG 2 ..... plus the Heir Audio IEM 5.0. I don't know what has been happening with Heir a few months ago, but I'm glad everything's getting better for them. But still, no warranty for the drivers inside the IEM 5.0 (in my memory, please correct me if I'm wrong) is not going to please my purchasing experience, so I crossed that out. I was in midst of deciding between the SD3 and the ASG2. After reading a great load of reviews, it seems that the strong point of the ASG2 is it's clarity from the high mids and trebles. (I also checked out the W4)


The best IEM in my collection ATM is the Phonax PFE 232. It would be great if suggestion can be compared with this headphone as I will be able to have a bigger idea about the sound of the suggested IEM's. I live in Beijing - There aren't or isn't really anystore that allows customers to audition high end IEM's just for listening, especially in stores that try to avoid the Chinese tax. Beijingers........


I just basically described Bescomo's iem journey in the last week and I'm open to any in ear's that I didn't mention (I know there are plenty more outstanding iem's!)


Thank you for taking the precious time to read my post. I hope I didn't cause you to lose any of your time to listen to your music!


^.^ I hope I posted this in the right forum.... :/

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The se846 apparently has a significant amount more of bass compared to the 535's... Which to me makes them even more bassy than natural. I haven't heard the 846's yet, but will be getting them.
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