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ATH M50's or HD25-1 II

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I'm looking into getting another pair of headphones. I love my HD 558's but i want something more engaging for certain types of music... plus i want to test the waters of a closed back. My favorite type of music is the slower pace electronica like college, anoraak (the old stuff), grum, daft punk, etc.. you get the jist. Which headphones are best for these types of music? I'm looking at the M50's and the HD25-1 II AND also some grados/alessandros (open back, i know). 


In a nutshell, i want something more engaging then the 558's.. something with more PRaT (whatever the hell that means lmao) Just a more fun sounding headphone.... i'm not looking to beat the 558's... because that'll probably be hard to do without spending a lot of money.. just a different headphone. I don't want to spend anything over $300

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Look into:


Ultrasone HFI 580

AKG K267

Beyer DT770 PRO LE 32ohm

AudioTechnica A900X


Very best,

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Thanks for the suggestions.. so you don't think neither the m50 or 25's are good for the music i like?


Also, i've read some bad things about the s-logic technology that the ultrazone headphones use.. something about a weird soundstage.

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honestly I wouldn't bother with M50.. pure hype.. just go with one of the options as Mal recommended including SoundMAGIC HP100..

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Ok, i'm now stuck between the ATH a900x's and the V-MODA m-100's.. does anybody have experience with these headphones? I really like the look and portability of the m-100. 

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The M100's are excellent for electronic and bass-heavy music.
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