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For Sale:
Go-Vibe V2 Portable Headphone Amp

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi, I'm selling my Go-Vibe v2 portable headphone amp! It runs on a single 9V battery.
Front face, from left to right:
  • Mini headphone jack
  • Blue LED
  • Power toggle switch
  • Volume control


Left face:

  • Mini input


Bottom face

  • Battery compartment
Includes the following opamps which allow for changing the "flavor" of the sound:
Analog Devices AD8610 (two of them mounted on a BrownDog adapter, so I believe it's the equivalent of an AD8620)
Analog Devices AD8066AR
Texas Instruments OPA2107P
Texas Instruments OPA2227P
Texas Instruments OPA2132PA
(the opamps alone cost more than $65!!)
A good write-up of the Go-Vibe:
Some notes on the sound of the various opamps: 

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