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Decent ~$50 Shure SE535 Cable?

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After owning my SE535's for just under a year, the plastic of the cable just before the shrink heat shrink and memory tube thing that goes over the ear has worn thin and cracked. The cable is all black inside from oxidation and I fear that the cable will be giving out soon.


What is a decent cheap replacement cable around $50? I don't need some crazy insane custom silver cable.. Just something that may be a little stronger than the stock cable. Perhaps I should just go for a stock cable and add a little more heat shrink over the this problem spot?


Has anyone had this problem??


edit: willing to bump it up to around $100 Canadian dollars including shipping within Canada.. If the cable will last longer than a year =/

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Hit the Logitech spares website for a cheap replacement cable. Same swivel connector. There was a thread if you search.

Have to ask though, the SE535 cable is solid. In fact most people complain it is too unwieldy. How did that happen?
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Not quite sure.. I take good care of them when I'm not using them. Perhaps the fact that I use them for a few hours almost every single day?


I love the stock Shure cable.. it really doesn't make sense how that happened to be honest as it is so thick. I guess it just got brittle?

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Fiio now makes Shure cable. I haven't had a chance to try mine yet.

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Hmm.. The fiio RC-SE1 cable is what I might go for :)


Looks good, cheap, and seems sturdy. Not a fan of the straight 3.5mm end though.. Much rather have an angled plug (iPod classic in jeans pocket, ya know?)

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There's a guy selling in the forum a se215 with two cables: the original and ue900 cable for 90$. You could grab it and sell it later after test which one you like most. The fiio option seems good too
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I looked up the cable for the UE900, and I personally think if the Shure cable didn't last a year, the UE cable will be toast even sooner. It looks pretty fragile and thin after it goes over the ear. Maybe the fact that it's two separate twisted cables is a positive though..


I think it will also be too much hassle to buy them, pay for shipping, then find another buyer. Great proposition though :)


Here's a picture of the problem area just for sh!ts & giggles.


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Fiio cable looks interesting. Hope the bonding and coating is solid to prevent the braiding coming apart


@ OP, I have the bronze SE535 with grey cable. It is still fine after 1.5 years ownership

In fact out of all my IEM it was the Phonak cable that gave me an issue the other week but hifiheadphones sorted me out with a replacement under warranty. Plus of course the spare in the box

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