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Hi Guys,


I was experimenting with my NuForce HDP and my Leckerton UHA-6S.MkII (using the HDP as DAC and Leckerton as amp) - connected to my HD600.


Well, to me the Leckerton delivered a "fuller" more impactful sound with meatier bass. The Nuforce fell cold and sterile compared to the Leckerton (awesome portable BTW). Call me crazy but I thought that my $280 portable amp was better than of the $500+ NuForce.


So that got me thinking about getting a better amp to pair with my HDP. Hence the Burson since it seems highly praised. Here's the trilemma:


1/ Should I get a Burson HA-160 (amp only) or Schiit amp to pair with the HDP - that assumes that the HDP DAC is darn good compared to others

2/ Just ditch the HDP and go for a Burson HA-160D (or DS) - that says that the DAC in the Burson is better than that of the HDP

3/ Keep it the way it is and enjoy my HDP + Leckerton ;)


What do you think?



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