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I owned the D7000 for a while.   I really liked them but I'm just too partial to open headphones.   I'll definitely make a point to give the LA7000 as well as the HE500's a listen.

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Can't wait, finally a chance to listen to these headphones I've only read about! Expect my payment around New Years.

Nice to have it virtually in my back yard as well.

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Oh yes and if Violectric can send over the HPA V200 thatd be great. Thats one of the amps im thinking about purchasing. I heard it pairs well with the LA 7000...
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I'll be bringing my HE500 with JergPads on an Emotiva Mini X and ODAC.

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Just sent out a mass pm to everyone I had on the Texas Head-fier list. Should generate some activity.

edit: Limniscate already proving my point. biggrin.gif
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Will have my Q701, SR225i, and RS1i's on hand.

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Paypal'd twice!


both me and my Dad are coming: haven't gone to one of these so I'm really excited. been looking into getting a second pair of headphones just need to listen to some for some ideas ;P this should be a good opportunity :{D

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Looks Like I should be around. Not sure on bringing gear. How does it work? I dont mind other people sampling, but I would want to walk around and talk to people but not necessarily leave gear unattended. 

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We are all adults, except a few that might as well be. We are all careful with everyone's gear. Treat other's better than your own, as the saying goes, applies to us for sure. I don't think we have ever had any damage at any Texas meet. A few misplaced CDs, but no gear problems. It is safe to leave your gear unattended. If there are special needs for plugging and unplugging headphones to an amp, or if you are running a turntable, you can make a sign requesting your presence to make any changes.
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Maxvla, I won't be able to make it but I have no problem with you taking my Gungnir and Lyr if anyone is interested in hearing them.  Since we live so close I could just drop them off at your place...


Also can send Senn HD650's

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I'm very interested in hearing HD650s: in fact was just about to check the want to Sell listings on head-fi then saw that this thread was updated. so one vote for the HD650s here o/

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One month away! Please use the sign up form.
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ok. I can bring everything in my sig pretty much if it is needed. Do we each bring a laptop as a source?

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Bring whatever source works with your rig!
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Gear list is growing and growing. The latest update includes a sweeeeet tape rig from Jesse, aka Rally555 from San Antonio, I can't wait to try. Here's a couple teaser pics.


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