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Originally Posted by Maxvla View Post

January 18th is our date. I will edit the OP later and add a sign up page soon.

Looking forward to tons more space and less noise.

Great News!

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just joined -- glad to see some life here in austin. Off topic but anyone here suggest where a person could hear some decent 'phones in this town? The few audio dealers I visit seem to have little or no selection.  Thanks, Patrick

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Try Patrick with www.nice-cans.com
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Wow -- thank you. Googling got me nothing, and now there's the very place I need -- thank you!!!!

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I am in for a Austin meet!



Will bring...


Sennheiser 580

Beyerdynamic DT990



Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies

BravoV2 Headphone Amp


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OP updated with details and a signup form. Please sign up now!

I will be sending invites for vendors soon. Last time they all came to me, this time I will be going to them. Expect to see a LOT more!
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Excited for this one, just got into the hobby from the hi-end HiFi world... Can't wait to meet you guys!

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Looking for an assistant that is local to help me plan and run the meet. Duties are fairly light, maybe a couple hours total before the meet, discussing arrangement in the room, monitoring signups, etc. Please be able to attend the entire meet and also be there early (7am) with me to make sure tables are arranged and to begin running power and placing table identification. Then be available to take entry fees through the day if I am busy, and I when you are.

If you are willing to do a little work to make the meet better designed and smoother operating, please pm me. As you will be dealing with money, my only requirement is that you be an adult (18+).
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Vendor invitations are going out today.


I'm pleased to announce Patrick Sutton of Nice-Cans of Austin will be in attendance. Nice Cans carries high end headphones and DAC/AMPs from manufacturers including Benchmark, Fostex, Hifiman, Audeze, Musical Fidelity, and CEntrance. Expect to be able to sample items such as:

Audeze LCD-2
Audeze LCD-3
Fostex TH-900
Fostex TH-600
Beyerdynamic T1
Fostex HP-A8C amp/DAC
Musical Fidelity M1-HPAP amp/DAC
Parasound ZDAC
Benchmark DAC2-HGC
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Nick Kettman of Leckerton Audio will also be on hand with his latest portable DAC/Amp designs. Last year Patrick of Nice-Cans showed some of Nick's gear, but this year Nick will be here in person.
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I think you can count us in.

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Sounds like a good excuse to go to Austin
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Originally Posted by mrspeakers View Post

I think you can count us in.

Awesome, excited to here the Alpha dogs! 

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I will finally be attending a Texas meet!  Already cleared with the wife, and booking my hotel shortly.  Looks like there's going to be a ton of gear already there, but I'll bring any of mine that may not otherwise be there.

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Just joined the forum and am excited a meet is taking place in my backyard.  Looking forward to checking out gear and meeting new folks.  

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