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Howdy All!


Just joined here a few days ago. I want to say this site is awesome. 


I am looking forward to the Austin meetup. 


I just purchased some HD 650's after reading about them extensively on here and I am amazed at the sound. I have about 3 other pair of Sennheisers (598, 25, 218) and now I'm loving the 650's too. 


I have never had the opportunity to listen to headphone amplifiers, and hope I can listen to a few at the meeting. I have really had my eye on the Bifrost/Lyr setup.


Thanks again. 



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Welcome smily_headphones1.gif
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Hi Mike. Welcome.   You'll definitely have tons of amps to listen to.  There'll be lots of music there but it's not a bad idea to make a sampler CD of some of you're favorite songs that you know well and can use to audition your phones with when plugged into unfamiliar gear.

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That is a great idea, Thanks!

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Got a box of CDs and a crate of records ready to go! Excited for this weekend.
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Originally Posted by MorbidToaster View Post

Got a box of CDs and a crate of records ready to go! Excited for this weekend.

Me, too, but mostly jazz and classical.  I will have a few "audiophile" records for sale.

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Originally Posted by bbophead View Post

Me, too, but mostly jazz and classical.  I will have a few "audiophile" records for sale.

I've got a couple of Jazz records but mostly Metal, classic rock and some edm.
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If it helps ease the hit, fwiw my gf is coming with me so that's another $20, she is using my gear.
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This is going to be my first meet! I'll bring my HD650 and a couple CDs/LPs. I really just wanna hear some different amps, in particular tubes and good tube hybrids (Woo stuff, Valhalla/Lyr, etc). Everyone says the HD650s need tubes to really sound their best but so far all of my gear has been solid state as quality tube gear is prohibitively expensive. I at least wanna know what I'm missing, haha.


I also wanna hear the Grado RS2i... although there isn't one on the list currently :( the RS1i will do I suppose. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna love it and they'll be the next addition to my collection, but I wanna be sure.


I'm not sure about signing up for a table... is this a place where I could get rid of some gear? I'm trying to sell my HE-400s and an Aune T1...


EDIT: Also, where am I paying by PayPal? I think I missed the link heh...


EDIT2: I can also just bring the Aune T1 and HE-400, for sale or not, if anyone would be into that. I also have M50s, SR80i, and an Asgard 2 that probably won't be back from Schiit in time for this weekend.

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The link is in the first post (tinyurl link) for signup. The paypal address is listed on that page and you can request a table there. Selling things is perfectly fine! Just leave a page on your table with pricing so you don't have to be tracked down every time someone is interested.


To all wanting to pay via paypal, I will only take paypal until midnight tomorrow night (Wednesday night).
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Thanks, FYI I'll have signed up twice on that link... the first one can just be discarded. But I just sent the payment. Super excited!


EDIT: Also have an ODAC and AMB Gamma2 Full++ that I can bring along if there's interest...

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Looks like I am able to make it this weekend. I'll only be bringing records this time so no space is needed for me. I already did the whole google form and paypal link so everything is all set. 

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Tonight is the last night to PayPal. Cash at the door only after tonight.
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I'm not sure if I can go there, so I'll probably have to pay out of pocket as I get to the place


Also I'm not packing much, only an SRH840 and my Walkman with the ALO Rx MKII. I just want to try out the gear I couldn't afford lol :p

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