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Head-fi Austin - January 18 2014  

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The date for the next big Austin meet is set! January 18th 2014 at the Norris Conference Center's largest ballroom, the Red Oak. This room is 2.5 times the size of last year's, meaning there will be much more space and much less noise. More tables for vendors, more space between table sections to reduce noise pollution. The meeting will begin with setup at 8AM, and officially start at 9AM with a closing time of 5PM.

Last year we had an attendance of approximately 55-60. I expect at least a 10-20% growth, and more vendors than before. This will be your opportunity to sample gear you always wished you could. Set aside January 18th to expand your experience with headphone gear and head-fi members.

Entry Form HERE:
Directions (Click to show)
Interior (Click to show)

No food or drink will be provided (other than bottled water) or allowed. There are a few very close restaurants if you get hungry, or if you are discreet, you may smuggle a small snack in your bags, just don't make a show of eating it. You will need to bring a power strip for your gear. Please also bring a 20-50 foot grounded (3 prong) extension cord with you if possible!

There are many reasonable hotels within a short drive of Norris. A sample list can be found on their website - I stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn in the Arboretum area last year and it was fine.

Confirmed Vendors -

RK Audiology of Austin - featuring the Westone line of custom and universal in ear monitors

JDS Labs - featuring their collection of Objective, CMOY, and C5 portable headphone amps and DACs and DIY kits

Aurisonics - featuring In Ear Monitors, hearing protection products, and cool custom addons like bluetooth. (Really??)

Cavalli Audio - featuring high end amplifiers Liquid Lightning, Gold, Glass, and Cobalt

Ultimate Ears - featuring an expansive line of custom and universal in ear monitors

Double Helix Cables - featuring high quality cables of all types

Headphone Lounge - featuring headphone recabling, and upgraded removable cables for compatible headphones

Nice-Cans of Austin - featuring Benchmark, Fostex, Hifiman, Audeze, Musical Fidelity, AKG, and CEntrance products

Mr. Speakers - featuring Mad Dogs, a modified Fostex TR50P headphone, and the new Alpha Dogs, a headphone based on the TR50P driver using exclusive 3D printed cups

Leckerton Audio - featuring high quality, small form factor DAC/Amps

Headamp - featuring the Blue Hawaii SE and GS-X mk2 electrostatic and dynamic headphone amplifiers as well as Pico portable DAC/Amps


Interested Vendors, but not yet confirmed -

Woo Audio - featuring desktop dynamic headphone amplifiers for every price range as well as top tier electrostatic amplifiers and energizers.

Arthur of Matrix USA also representing Violectric in North America as well - featuring the full line of price competitive Matrix products and great amps and DACs from Germany (Violectric)

Noble Audio - featuring the Wizard's artistic custom and universal in ear monitors

The CablePro of Dallas/Ft Worth - featuring cables of all types and price points

Sennheiser USA - featuring many headphones from portable to reference and now desktop headphone DAC/Amps

I have contacted others and am awaiting reply.


Gear list -

"Grado SR325is, BeyerDynamic DT-880/600 (FS $200), BeyerDynamic DT-660, HiFiMan HE-4 (FS $250)
Woo Audio WA-6, iFI iCAN (FS $200 latest version)
Peachtree DAC IT
JVC XL-Z1050
Rega RP6/Ortofon 2M Black
NAD PP2i (FS $100)"

"Sennhesier HD800
Sennhesier HD600
Audeze LCD-2
Woo Audio WA6-SE
Schiit Bifrost"

"AKG K812
Audeze LCD-2
Audeze LCD-3
Audeze LCD-XC
Fostex TH-900
Fostex TH-600
Beyerdynamic T1
Fostex HP-A8C amp/DAC
Musical Fidelity M1-HPAP amp/DAC
Parasound ZDAC"

"Denon DVD-2900 (possibly to be replaced with a laptop+DAC)
Little Dot MKIVse
Sonic Impact Super T-amp
Woo Wee
Stax SR404"

"Matrix X-Sabre
Matrix M-Stage HPA-1 w/USB
Headamp GS-X 2
Sennheiser HD800
Sennheiser HD600"

"Koss ESP950/E90
Mad Dogs
Schitt M+M"

"Leckerton Audio UHA-6S.MKII
Leckerton Audio UHA760"

DT-880 (250 Ohm)
Adcom GFA-535 II

Not sure which of the following yet:
Yulong SABRE DA8 or Lynx Hilo"

"AKG Q701
Grado SR-225i
Grado RS1i"

"Schiit Asgard
Bottlehead Crack w/ Speedball

"1 Nagra IVS
1 Nagra IVS with QGB 10 inch reel adaptor
1 Tascam DA-P1
an integrated amp
Sound Devices 702"

"PS Audio P3
Audiogd Master7
QLS QA660 music source
DHC Cables"

"Headamp Blue Hawaii SE
Headamp GS-X 2
Headamp Pico
Stax SR-007 Omega 2 (likely)"

"Matrix M-Stage HPA-2 USB
Violectric V-181 balanced amp
Violectric V800 balanced DAC"

"Schiit Uber Bifrost
Schiit Vali"

"Not sure yet, but probably......
Liquid Glass
Liquid Gold
Liquid Cobalt prototype
Resolution Audio Cantata
Various headphones including Abyss, LCD3, HD800, Alpha Dog"

"Paradox Slant (if it has arrived =/)
CEntrance HiFi M8
VModa VAMP (iphone4s)
JH13 Pro

I might bring my: (let me know if I should)
K702 Annie
HE-500 "

"Audeze LCD-2.1

Cavalli Liquid Fire (for display, demonstration, and sell)"

"Burson HA 160D
LA 7000 Lite
Hifiman HE 500 (with grill mods)

Schiit Lyr
Shure 846
JHA Roxanne CIEM (If I get it by 01/18)"
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No 2/8 for me but 3/29 looks good.  Gotta bring vinyl this time.

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Game for any date. More than far enough out for me.

VINYL VINYL VINYL. Just like last time...though it'll be a nicer rig this time.
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I'm in for any date! Have some more stuff to bring this time, so won't have to feel like such a wallflower :D

Will also try and bring a few extra people to geek out with us.

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Will absolutely be there next year. I'm still sad I was out of town for the last one. The experience would have made my current upgrade decision a bit easier. Having to decide between HD800 vs LCD2 vs LCD3 for a likely to be mjlonir/gungnir stack is pretty tough when your ears haven't listened to anything above my current HD600 > o2/odac.

Just might have to drive up to Dallas for the September meet. I need more audiophile friends.

Can't wait though.
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Ok guys, March 29th has been taken, I guess I should have acted sooner. March 15th is an option but is during SXSW so people from out of town will have problems finding rooms to stay. February 8th has a hold on it, but is still available. April is booked solid, with first availability on May 3rd after that.

So Feb 8th and possibly lose some vendors, March 15th and fight SXSW, or wait it out for May 3rd?
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Really wouldn't want to lose any vendors.
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Apparently March 8th is also available, but still during SXSW, though it is during the first week. Am I right in assuming the event gets busier in the second week?
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Originally Posted by Maxvla View Post

Apparently March 8th is also available, but still during SXSW, though it is during the first week. Am I right in assuming the event gets busier in the second week?


I'm good for 3/8 or 5/3.

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So I've decided trying to use March as a center point for Austin is pointless with SXSW taking up two weeks of available dates, and other issues. We will be moving Austin to the old Dallas time frame of January/February. The current Dallas meets will continue to be in June and Sept/Oct.

Currently January 18 is available and I will be booking it on Friday unless I hear compelling reasons not to. CES is the week before so we are more or less clear for vendors.
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I'm good for 1/18.  Hope there's no ice on the roads.

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Sounds good!
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January is way better for me than March --- so I'm in.

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Any of the dates should work for me!

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January 18th is our date. I will edit the OP later and add a sign up page soon.

Looking forward to tons more space and less noise.
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