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First I want to say I'm a BIG AKG fan. I own Q701, K271 MKII, K495NC and have tested many more. 


As a "back to work" treat for myself I orderd a pair of AKG K712PRO. I open the box and saw the line "Expect" written on the box. Opend the lid and it say "And discover". 

And then I moved my new beautiful pair of AKG K712PRO out of the box. in the bottom i say "Perfection". 

Removing the plastic around the headphones and moving to my amplifier full of expectation i started to remove the included cable (it was attached when i open the box). 


And to my surprise the XLR mini socket is LOSE! (picture). I used no force at all. Even when reattaching the cable you feel the socket is compleetly lose.


So my question is how you can claim you "Individually Tested" when you can't attach or remove the cable without (clearly) feeling the conenctor is lose?