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Ripping CD's

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Do you need any "special equipment" to get high quality CD rips?


All i have is a $30 basic drive on my computer.



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You should not need any special equipment. Also, you can check if your rips are correct using the AccurateRip database. Decent ripping software should report problems reading the disk as well.

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Ripping has nothing to do with playback.
It is making a copy from one digital medium to another
All that is needed is a reliable drive.
Your best bet is a ripping program supporting AccurateRip.
This enables you to verify if your rip is indeed accurate.
Have a good look at dBpoweramp

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EAC is free ripping software. A lot of us use it smily_headphones1.gif

If you search, you can also find lots of information about how to setup and configure EAC.
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CueRipper is another very good, secure, simple and free ripper.

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Thanks everyone! 

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I set up an old machine as a vortex box. Worked great.
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