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please help me...... looking for over ear headphones

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Hello everyone,

I am a complete noob. I previously owned a bose inear triport phones (I did not like them at all and gifted to a friend). I am using Senniheiser CX 550 in office and Sennheiser CX 400 II with ipod on a daily basis. I also used to use Bose OE headphones for watching movies and listening for like 2 years and I broke the cord coming out left phone by moving weirdly. Now, those phones are not working properly. I also have creative zen aurvana in ear phones, which I use occasionally.


I need to work with the computer for couple of hours on a daily for another few months. I need some motivation to stay. So I have been searching for an over ear headphone since last night.

I have compared

Sennheiser HD 449
sennheiser HD 518

sennheiser HD 558
KRK KN 8400

audiotechnica ATH WS55
Shure H 440
Sony MDR v6
I know that I did not compare the phones in the same price range.
My first preference is either HD 558 or HD 518. But I have read somewhere, their Sound quality is good along with an amp.
second preference is MDR v6. I am impressed to see these phones have been recommended in the buyer's guide 2013 of this forum and also many sound engineers still like to use these phones.
I would also like to buy an amp. I am considering Fiio E11. I choose E11 over E10, because of the difference in cost.
I am on a very tight budget (120 to 140 Euros).
I am considering Sony MDR  + Fiio E11. How would this combination perform? Is this worth for the money?
Are there any other alternatives in the price range?
Thank you very much

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Welcome to Head-Fi! biggrin.gif [anyone wants to continue this? XD ]

If you are planning to wear it over a long period, the SRH-440, MDR-V6 that you have mentioned are definitely out of the list! It's uncomfortable as the SRH-440 pads are stiff and both will headphone's driver will touch your ears.

Secondly, if you are planning to use this set-up mainly for PC, you are better off with FiiO E10 for it have an extra DAC but for mobile, go for the FiiO E11 + L3/9.

As for what headphone to choose, from your list, I have tested the HD518 as well, it sound ted muddier than the HD598 and the bass are not as tight as other headphones at it's price range but the warmish sound tone is still there. Overall, very comfortable and pretty easy to listen to!

Do look into the MA-300 as well! They sound much better than those Sennheisers at most aspect especially the timbre, real nice and bass are pretty tight althought it don't extend deep! It's also very comfortable and lightweight!

Hope it helps!
Billson smily_headphones1.gif
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That would be true Bilson (about the v6) with the stock pads but the valour pads allow me top wear them indefinitely, plus they sound better.

Id say these are the best in your price range:
Phillips Citiscape Uptown
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thank you very much Billsonchang. My primary usage of the amp is along with computer. I think I would go for E10 like you said.

I would wear the headphone couple of hours daily, so comfort is very important.


Is MA 300 = sony mdr MA 300? I am sorry I am a noob.


Thank you Trucks159, Audio technica ATH A900X is way out of my budget right now!


any other suggestions in the range of 100$ (or 100 Euros)?

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I think the V6 or the MDR-7506 (Sony's minor revision of the V6) could certainly be a good fit for your budget. These are the nice velour pads that people switch out on the V6 to make them more comfortable.

I would also look into the JVC HA-S500. They are on ear headphones that sound as good pretty as any other headphone in your budget range.

How much isolation do you need? AKG K 240 are in your price range. Not good for portable use since they are semi-open.
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thank you cel4145, AKG looks nice. I do not like the two side cable design headphones (JVC HA S500). I do not need much sound isolation. The headphones are for listening music and watching movies.

I am trying to find velour pads from online shops in europe.....

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Search Ebay UK for Beyerdynamic EDT 250. They have them.
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thank you cel4145,

one more final question before ordering, would sony mdr v6 + Fiio e10 be a good pair in this price range?

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I'd try the Sonys without the E10 first.

What were you planning on using the E10 with?
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I thought E10 would improve the sound quality from the laptop and there by I could hear better music on sony MDR v6. Am I wrong?

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Originally Posted by rubinstein View Post

I thought E10 would improve the sound quality from the laptop and there by I could hear better music on sony MDR v6. Am I wrong?

It might. But no guarantee.

Most laptops have pretty crappy sound output, but not all. Do you (or do you have a friend) that has an iPod or an iPhone? They have pretty good sound. If your laptop doesn't sound a lot worse than them, I wouldn't count on the E10 making much difference except that it would probably provide more volume. If there is a little bit of a difference, but not a big difference and you want improvement, I would wait and save up for the E17. Much better DAC/headphone amp. If the laptop sounds pretty crappy in comparison, then the E10 should make a difference.
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I have Ipod 2nd Generation(bought in 2006 and never had an urge to upgrade), does that count for this comparison test?


I will try to compare the sound quality on my ipod and my laptop. thank you for your suggestion.

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Yeah. I would definitely try that. I'm not an Apple person, but I understand that generally Ipods have pretty good sound. Then once you have tried both with the same music and get a good feel for whether or not there is much difference, you could also go in the FiiO E10 thread and ask what kind of improvement you should get since your ipod would give some people a basis for comparison with your experience smily_headphones1.gif
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The velour pads are the most popular for comfort.
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