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Burn in for tubes

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If you don't believe in burn in, dont keep reading :)


For cables, phones, amps, etc I recently found that Pink Noise works wonders in Breakin. For my purposes, it works better than music alone and is quicker.


I just ordered an ALO Pan AM and some tubes. This is my first tube amp. Do I need to do/not-do anything special when burning in tubes?



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I think tube burn-in is more of factor of heat and time rather than music type / frequency.


Tubes take a while to fully warm up and stabilize.  Over time some of the impurities on the filament and mesh may burn off giving rise to further stability.


It is probably not audible, but burn-in can help especially if there is a faulty tube.  Burn-in allows the user to find a bad tube faster than not burning in the unit at all.

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Thanks NA Blur. I will probably just do the usual pink noise burn in then since I also have new cable adaptors I am burning in.



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What he's saying is that you don't have to be playing anything - just have the amp turned on.

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I agree with the pink noise burn in. I've used it since my first purchase and it works. I don't claim that it's better or different from music but I feel better using it. Perhaps it is placebo.
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