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What you think about Head-Fi's new look?

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I think it's nicer looking but the user avatar and info row is taking a bit too much space to me...

EDIT: And where did the search function go??? Or is the transformation not complete yet?
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Gimme a couple of days to get used to it...
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i agree, avatar section above each post makes image viewing easier for larger images, but harder on the eyes when browsing through posts fast..

however i appreciate every bit of work neil and Jude are doing to keep this place up, so there's nothing for me to complain
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i like the more simplistic other one. much more. also i like the darker colours of the old one. im stating my first impressions here so yeah. i bet this is temporary cause of the big vBulletin thingy, but im prolly wrong.
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ARRGGGHHH!!! My eyes!!! My eyes!!!

It's gonna take awhile to get use to this. Wish Neil had added a warning about this change along with his Headfi is down message.
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This is the default vBulletin 3.x appearance. We didn't have time to customize templates yet, and our old templates didn't translate to this version automatically.

This version is still very new to me. We'll figure out the appearance thing in the coming days.
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First they split up gear fs/trade now this? I'm really not sure how much more i can take.
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Whoah, different. It kind of reminds me of Invision Power Board in that it seems to have lots of eye candy and features, but I like the simpler look of vBulletin 2.x a little better. This thing has a little too much eye candy for me...

But at least it's working
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so it will change back then... good cause the stupid pm thing wont let you track without a read receipt thing and i don't use my actual email addy cause my actual one is hotmail :|
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i too like the simplistic design that was on here 4 hours ago, but change is always good, besides i've been here only two months, who am i to say
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All right, I know I shouldn't judge until I give myself more time to get used to the format and give Jude et al. time to tweak everything--but my first reaction is hate. I hate the new look. Am I alone here? So far the new format doesn't have the beutiful color scheme of the old one and the entire interface seems bloated. Also, I hate the way the text takes up nearly the entire screen--I liked it more when the sentences were of shorter length--more like newspaper style. Moving my eyes across the entire lengh of the screen for every line just tires my eyes.

Anyway, sorry to gripe so much, but as of now I'm really displeased with the new format.
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Holy crap, the buttons look exactly like macrumors'.

Well, at least everything's loading smoothly now. I hated the hiccups.

BTW, nice job on the changes guys. It's appreciated.
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I think the bars above each post is too large - wasting too much screen space. I find myself scrolling a lot more. I cannot see as much information on the screen as before because of the wasted space.

The color scheme is kinda neat - although not that much different from the old one. I have to admit, the previous design looked to utilitarian. Now it looks too glitzy.
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I like everything except the avatar & user info being at the top (makes it slower and more difficult to browse through posts). To my eyes, the color scheme is just fine... if anything I like this better than the purple-people-eater theme with the old software .

Actually, other than that, I'm amazed at how well everything transferred over. Is this just simply a newer version of vBulletin? Great job and kudos to admin for such a smooth transition!

Edit -- will there be a "view new posts" option similar to the one on the older forum? Unless there is one and I missed it...
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