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I agree, the P4 is a real gem in the amplifier arena. 600mw+600mw in 32 ohms, the ability to change opamps and buffers. it has gobs of power, the only downfall of the ibasso P4 warbler, is the almost inability to find one for sale. i owned a silver p4 warbler and sold it, then i started looking since then, and only recently came across one. and bought without a single thought. sooo glad i did


i also recently bought the RSA SR71-B and to tell you the truth with the current opamp/buffer setup, the P4 sounds WILDLY like and almost exactly like the SR71-B with the P4 actually having slightly better characteristics Overall in all aspects. but there is still something about the RSA SR71-B .


If the op is interested in the P4 he also might be interested in the pb2 which is obviously alot easier to find. again gobs of power


I just got a SR71-B also. The OP mentioned wanting loads of bass. I know that the 71-B enhances bass by a very noticeable amount on my SE535s (and does a great job in general IMO), but how about the ibasso pb2? I'm too new to all this to know for sure, but are there some strong bass amps out there?

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I doubt you would lose any clarity if you just equalized a bit more bass. If anything, it'd give you more precise control over the Q point and amount of amplification than any "bass boost" switch.

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the PB2 allows for you to change the op amps and the buffers, essentially reguardless of weather or not the PB2 is ''bassy'' out of the box is really here nor there.. as you can get different opamps and buffers roll them, and find a combo that gives you deep impactful very controlled bass.


hence how with the current opamp setup i am using my ibasso p4 sound in my ears better than the SR71-B now your talking about a p4 that has a price tag of originally 289.00 putting out volumes of sound quality in the same area of a 650.00 RSA sr71-b. with the ibasso p4 and pb2 having the ability to change your opamps and bufffers gives you a endless ability to change the sound signature. 


now obviously there are newer more complex circuitry going on between the rsa and intruder that the p4 doesnt have, its a single ended amp, it doesnt have all the bells and whistles of the sr71-b or intruder, but it can put out as good of, if not better sound quality....that and both the p4 and pb2 are powerhouses, with the p4 being 600mw+600mw into 32ohms and the pb2 claiming 2500mw.

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I doubt the average user has the comprehension or skill to measure different operational amplifiers and their frequency response. Equalizing is a much less destructive and simple way to get exactly the results you want, whereas there might be a few operational amplifiers that allegedly give you something towards the nebulous term of "better" bass, but none of them might be exactly the thing you're looking for. Why risk it and not just use EQ?

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Well I think you are right. But thats also the fun of opamp rolling you are always chasing a elusive sound.
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Some unusual findings with my HP-P1 and USB cables, specifically the USB mini B to charge the device. I have found recharging with a high quality USB cable makes a difference. Poor quality cable, takes much longer to recharge, medium (that supplied) takes fair time and has a little trouble recharging the iPod when in continuous use. The high quality (Furutech ADL) charges the HP-P1 faster and also charges the iPod fully when in continuous use. I'm not sure if this is only with my HP-P1, but there you have my discovery.


Meanwhile the HP-P1 is proving to be regarded as [b]the[/b] [i]classic[/i] headphone amp/DAC by connoisseurs, because of it's "weak" amp and "mediocre" DAC giving it a unique signature! So poo to the naysayers :)

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