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For Trade: Mint TH900

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For Trade:
Mint TH900

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Mint condition. Never placed it anywhere else besides the stand and the box. Turns out I may be an IEM guy. Full sized hurts no matter how comfy they seem to be. My ears stick out too much.

Based in California.

I'm looking into High end IEM setups
*** IEMs get high priority.
****Specifically the FitEar TG334 + cash (or + 000 cable)

Or FitEar F111 + Cash

Or FitEar Parterre + Cash
Not too interested in mid tier gear.

**Used only for 2 weeks. Currently in its box right now.

**If international, we're total shipping costs.

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PM sent smily_headphones1.gif
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Have a almost mint pair of Yamaha HP-1 Orthodynamic Headphones (with original box) that have had light use on them, plus cash towards the Fostex TH 900.


Original user of the Yamaha phones hardly used them, and since owning them myself I've done no more than around 8 - 10 hours on them, due to mostly wearing my Sennheiser 25-1 & Denon D2000 phones. They almost seem too nice to spoil...LOL!


What country are you based in please? I'm in London, U.K.






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I have a pair of fad heaven IVs and LCD 2.1s with silver drgon cable if you would consider some sort of trade.
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lol definitely looks like you're the IEM type of person. GLWS on the other hand. 

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Hi, are these still available? Thanks
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Yep, they still are.

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how much about your th900 ,please tell me , thanks you

best wishes


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