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Steam alternatives? EDIT: RESOLVED

Poll Results: Are there any better alternatives to Steam?

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Hello, I was wondering if there are any alternatives to Steam that you guys like better. Steam looks nice and its developer was Valve who has made a couple video games that I like (Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2) and several video games that look like games I would like (The Half Life franchise) but I've never used Steam and before I start making purchases on Steam, I want to know if there are any better alternatives to it.

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Well, there's Desura and GOG. The former is DRM-agnostic while the former is DRM-free. Compared to Steam, you won't get the full breadth of content and AAA games like the Half Life stuff. More or less the indie stuff, as the platforms are intended for that.


Honestly, Steam's great. People might try and prove me wrong though. But it's available on all the platforms, nice sales, makes things real easy. Before you try and search for something better than it, do try it :P The only things I've gotten on there that I still sort of play on a general basis is Trine and EVE. But I have no complaints about it.

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Not sure if you approve of piracy but I've heard the pirate bay and kick ass torrents are also great alternatives :3

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Steam is pretty much the main game launching client DRM thing out there. Unless it's an Ubisoft or an EA game it's gonna be available on Steam. It also has the best sales normally. Although Origin is having a decent one right now as well as their ridiculous humble bundle.


Both Steam and Origin have the ability to add any file you want to your library, so even if you buy DRM free copies from somewhere like GOG you can still add them to your library for convenience sake. Not sure if Uplay has this feature but nobody likes Uplay.

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Originally Posted by chewy4 View Post
nobody likes Uplay.

^Absolute truth.

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Content replaced with this sentence.

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GOG - no DRM and they use real-world $/€ conversion rates.

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