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Looking to buy my first serious pair of closed over-ear headphones (200$-400$)

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Hi everyone,

I have been been searching this forum as a guest for quite a while now and finally decided to join. I`m a 17 year old from Ottawa (Canada) looking to buy a quality pair of headphones for the first time. As my poorly thought-out name suggests, I mostly listen to dubstep, trap and rap music. I do not consider myself a huge basshead (ok a little bit), but I will also (probably) never complain that a headphone has too much bass. Anyways, enough with the jibber-jabber, as I understand that it is much more pleasant to read/answer a short and concise question as opposed to a long one. Here are my requirements (willing to compromise a little):

- $200 to $400 (Canadian) (Firm)

- Decently comfortable

- Portable (will take with me everywhere, so need to be somewhat tough* without being overly bulky)
*I treat my belongings very well, so does not need to be a tank at all.

- Closed with acceptable isolation (again, taking these with me in public alot so...)

- Pretty good sound (Dubstep, rap and trap)

- Pretty good bass 

- Can`t be picky about sources (will be connecting to latest iPod touch and laptop, both without amp)

- Good looking, however I understand that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, but I would still like to hear your opinions. Basically I just don`t wanna look like a gweedo (don`t like the way beats look, except for the pros), would like something a little more classy. (Think B&O H6)

- None o' them over-hyped collab brands like beats, etc. Bought some street by 50 in-ears about a year ago but I won`t get into that as I don`t think swearing in my first post is a good idea...

Here are a few cans I have been eyeing lately:

- Sony MDR-1R (300$)

- AKG K267 (350$)

- B&O H6 (400$, I know they do not have a lot of bass, but for neutral cans I heard they`re pretty good and I mean common, look at em'.)

After spending multiple weeks searching for hours and hours each day, I have come to the realization that there is no such thing as the perfect headphone so I understand that I will have to compromise a little on the guidelines that I just mentioned. 

Guess that comment I made on keeping it short is kinda worthless, sorry guys...

P.S. will be travelling to Watertown and Syracuse in a few weeks so it`s ok to name a model which is only available in the U.S. or only in my price range in the U.S. or whateva. Also feel free to list any good headphone stores in either Ottawa or Syracuse/Watertown.
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How about V-Moda M-100 and Sennheiser Momentum?
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Thanks for the quick reply angel, way more to the point than my post :P


The v-modas would definitely be an option, I guess i just forgot to put them in my list, however I realy do not like the look of the momentums (flame-suit on, just in case) and that would unfortunately be a dealbreaker for me.


Thanks again for the input,



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I would suggest the Beyerdynamic DT770s, but they really shine best with an amp; how about the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro?

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Haha I was also considering the COP`s as well, forgot about those too. There`s just so many options out there to remember. I really like their adjustable sound/bass feature, similar to the K267`s I think.


Thanks for the replies, really starting to regret not joining Head-Fi earlier, you guys are great. 

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Beyers are great but a bit too bulky for portable use IMO... but of course everyone has different tolerances of how big headphones they'd walk around with in public :)


The Sony 1R are my favourite headphones looks-wise, but they are very midcentric and will not work with all types of music.

If you are considering neutral headphones like the B&O, also consider the KEF M500 which sounds excellent.

The UE6000/9000 are quite good, and how can I forget my favourite basshead headphones, the Denon D600. The style might not be to your taste though.

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Why not give these Martin Logan Mikros headphones a shot.


They are regularly $300 now on sale at Newegg.ca for $109


Martin Logan make great products. 



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Angel: those Denons don`t look half bad at all, however they seem just as bulky as the Beyers. It might be just me though and I`d be happy to have you prove me wrong. Also, the Kefs seem to me (from the pictures) as on-ear headphones rather than over-ear, and I`m afraid that the sound-isolation that results from this will be sub-par for my needs. Thanks again for the suggestions. 


Keys: Thanks to you too, the logans seem like quality cans, however they are on-ear cans, so my comment about the Kefs applies here too.





I just can`t believe the response I`m getting already. I`m a member of a few automobile forums and it isn`t uncommon to go a few days after starting a thread without receiving any response at all.


Again you guys rock,



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For your preferences, id say:
Maybe focal spirit one
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I would like to clarify just because I feel i didn`t emphasize this enough in my original post, style is very important to me.


No never-ending blah blah this time, that`s all i wanted to add :P





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Thanks Trunks,


Sry I didn`t mention you in my last post, I only noticed yours afterwards. 


I`m really feeling those ws99`s as I find they look kinda slick without looking overstated and whatnot. Same goes for the v-modas, they seem to be coming up alot around the web so I`ll definitely consider them. I guess now that I have all these suggestions, I just need to decide which ones would be the best purchase in the sense that I need to figure out which headphones are a good buy for the price and which ones are too expensive for what I`m getting. 


Thanks all,



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I also find Ultrasone`s look pretty good, but I`m a little overwhelmed by sorta large selection of cans they have.


Can anybody here help me funnel out the good buys offered by Ultrasone? 

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All the great offerings on the market these days is really making it hard to decide. 


Here is my list of possible choices as well as my issues with them:


Custom One Pros: Possibly bulky?


B&O H6: Expensive, lack of bass?.


MDR 1R: Good for my kind of music?.


AKG K267: Possible build quality issues?


M-100: Possible comfort issues? Overpriced?


WS-99: Non detachable cable connected to both ears an issue?


Ultrasones: Which ones to buy?? Too much treble??




Any input on these concerns would be appreciated as I`m really having a hard time deciding...


Thanks and goodnight (work at 5:30 a.m. everyday = early bedtime haha),



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M-100: Possible comfort issues? - for most people they're a bit uncomfortable at first but get more comfortable with time. unless your ears don't fit inside the cups, then they'll never be comfortable wink.gif


WS-99: Bass drowning out other frequencies? - not an issue with the WS99. M-100 has more bass.


Ultrasones: Which ones to buy?? - also add: "too much treble?"


The Denon D600 is meant to be a portable headphone, complete with a 3-button mic cable. They do stick out from your ears though.

Yes KEF M500 is on ear. Isolation is about average for a closed headphone.

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Thanks angel, really helpful once again.

Was about to go to sleep, then realised it was 7:15, thought i saw 9:15, so i guess i'll stick around a bit more to continue the endless search for the perfect cans... :P
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