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Need help choosing a pair of in-ear headphones under 500€.

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Hello to all, 


Man where do I start... smile.gif

I have so many help/recommendations related things in my head, it's not even funny.

I guess it'd have to be one thread at a time!


A bit of background info:

My ears were spoiled back when I got myself a pair of AKG K702s on a sale as a recommendation from a friend.

Since then I've been selling all my old gear.



Wanna keep my ears happy and at the same time reduce my collection down to 2 pairs.

1 which stays always at home and one that goes on the road with me.

Obviously, for me at least, the K702s will always be at home for listening to my vinyls, CDs, TV, etc.

(Got 2 kids and I only get around to doing these things when they are asleep.)


Help needed:

I'd like the other pair to be in-ear for the main reason that I commute quite a long distance from home to work by bicycle and they are the only type I can fit under my helmet. So the in-ear ones will serve me as an office pair, a commuting pair and for holidays and such. Now, they need to have soundstage (I hope I am not abusing the term cause I'm newbie to the terminology and I am really not good using terminology to describe what my ears experience) comparable to the K702s cause I absolutely love their sound. I live in Finland and it would be nice to get recommendations for things that I can get online inside the EU so I do not have to pay customs or even better models that retail in Finland/Helsinki area. My budget is up to 400€ maybe even go up to 500€ for something exceptional. 

To sum up things...

1. In-ears

2. Sound performance comparable to K702 

3. 400€-500€

4. Sold in EU or retail in Finland/Helsinki

5. I listen to all shorts of music but mainly Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk, Reggae/SKA


ps. I've checked some top 10 audiophile and best lists but I rather hear experiences of passionate people. smile.gif 


Thank you very much in advance for your help.

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Trying to elaborate a bit on the actual sound hoping I wont sound like a fool, what I love about K702s is that they stay away from this "too much bass" thing. I usually compare the bass using Sublime's Doin' Time. At least for me it is a track that really helps me understand when a headphone is "pumping" the bass as opposed to one that is natural sounding. Headphones that enhance the bass in the particular song end up sounding muddy or unnatural as opposed to the bass clarity of the 702s.


Man I'd love to find a pair of in-ears which sound as brilliant as the 702s.

And please dont let the specifications regarding availability deter you from suggesting.

Most important thing is sound and I surely can do the search regarding availability. 

Listing everything in the previous post was mostly about sharing my excitement!




ps. If there would be a headset type (meaning including microphone for calls) or wireless model it'd be an added convenience but not the most important thing. I'd 100 times over go for the sound quality when comparing. Eve as I typed this ps I kinda feel I wish you didnt read this part. :)

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I'm really close to going for the Westone 4 R but if there's something cheaper with equally good performance I'd be happy to hear since at 500€ they are way more expensive than my AKG 702s.

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Alright, read enough everywhere so that it would come down to these two:

Shure 535


Westone 4-R


I know this has been discussed and I have read the relevant threads but!

Unfortunately there's not way of me trying either so here's where I need help from those who have tried:

Which of the 2 sound closer to AKG K701/702s?



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