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My second pair of Brainwavz M2s are ready to be retired. I loved them so much the first time I ordered them a second time and they're all I've listened through for the past years. I'm looking for the best IEM that will deliver a warm and articulate sound that closely resembles the M2s bassy/mid warmness but that is steps ahead in sound quality. I'd like to keep it under $200 US. I've narrowed it down the Vsonic GR07 BE and the JVC FXT90. I'll be using these IEMs while I study, exercise, play drums. I just want to immerse myself into my favorite music. I was completely set on buying the GR07 BE until I read that the FXT90 was more fun and immersive. I am willing to sacrifice a little detail and clarity for more fun factor but I'd like to ask you guys before I make a final decision. 


I mostly listen to instrumental progressive rock, downtempo/house electronic, and classical. Again, I love the warm sound of my M2s and I'd like an IEM that would also be similarly warm.