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X mini speaker

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I own a few x mini speaker and they are left untouched. I spotted the speaker outer case turned sticky. Does anyone had the same issue? How to resolve it?
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I'm using the X-Mini's for my laptop.


Yes, they have 2 issues.


1. Limited Lifespan

The rechargeable battery will only last about 3-4 years of constant use.


2. "Sticky" Issue

The plastic parts will degrade and turn sticky by themselves after some time.


Despite the above, the sonics for the X-Mini is really superb.


I bought replacements as soon as my pair of X-Mini speakers went kaput.

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How to remove the stickiness ? Anyone know how to DIY the mini cable . ( to replace with better cable like silver)
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The stickiness cannot be removed.

It is the plastic disintegrating into sticky goo ... eventually
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